4 Good Habits To Prevent Plumbing Problems

All too often when we think about plumbing services we think about repairs & service. We rarely stop to consider what we can be doing to avoid service & repairs and prevent plumbing issues from arising in the first place. In this blog post we will focus on 4 best practices that you can implement right away to prevent plumbing problems from occuring in your home or business.

Be Mindful Of What You Put Down The Sink

The most common calls we recieve from customers in need of plumbing service include clogged or backed up drain lines. Sure, it is convenient and time saving to clear leftover food from plates directly into the sink before tossing them into the dishwasher. However convenient it may be, it is not worth the risk. Anytime you place solid foods, cooking grease, vegetable scraps and peels, or other foods down the drain you are increasing your chances of clogging the line and decreasing the flow and efficiency of your homes plumbing system. And perhaps the most damaging of all, you are also increasing the pressure inside the pipes which can lead to catastrophic plumbing leaks.

Isn’t that what garbage disposals are for?

Garbage disposals do a decent enough job of breaking up softer, more delicate food items such as egg shells but they do nothing in the way of helping grease move down the line. Once poured down a drain grease will eventually cool and harden inside the pipe. This can wreak havoc on plumbing systems.

Properly Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, water heaters need to be maintained! Hot water heaters are large appliances that work day and night in a home. Whether for hand washing, laundry, dishes, or showers & baths, water heaters are frequently called upon to supply your homes pipes with hot water on demand. The inconvenience caused by their failure is a huge burden and point of stress for unsuspecting homeowners. The good news is that a properly maintained how water heater can last upwards of 12-15 years! The bad news is that without proper maintenance and upkeep that time can be cut in half!

Other risks of poorly maintained hot water heaters include rusting, excess sediment build up inside the tank, and leaks that can flood homes with 40-50 gallons of water!

Use Screens to Protect Drains

Drain clogs happen. This is a nearly universal fact. At some point the bathroom sink or shower drain will clog in your home.  What you can control is how often and severe the potential clogs will be. The leading cause of clogged drains in bathrooms is hair & soap scum residue that builds up inside pipes creating blockages and slowing the flow of water down drain lines. One simple and inexpensive way to prevent clogs and minimize their severity is to purchase and install drain screens.

Another good option for preventing more serious clogs is to have a drain cleaning service performed once per year in your home.

Don’t Overtighten Faucets

While it is true that most homeowners never give a second thought to plumbing issue prevention, there are others that are vigilant as well. Another common plumbing issue we see is worn down washers in faucets that lead to leaks that could have been avoided. This happens due to overtightening of faucets. Instead of turning faucets all the way until they are as tight as you can make them simply tighten them enough to keep water from flowing. They will not spontaneously open themselves so there is no need to over turn the knob, wear down the washer, and create plumbing issues while trying to avoid them.

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