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7 Common Summer Plumbing Issues

The summer season is right around the corner in Mesquite, TX. Don’t let a few common plumbing issues ruin your first barbeque, pool party, or even a celebration for the 4th of July. The experienced and trusted team from Flow Plumbing has put together a list of the seven most common summer plumbing issues homeowners face every year. Check this list and keep an eye out for any signs that could show trouble with your plumbing so the summer season is not ruined.

1. Overused Toilets

The toilets in your home will got a lot more use during the summer when you have kids. Why? They are home from school in the summer, which means the majority of their bathroom visits will come while at home. Added flushes for your home’s toilets could lead to overuse and eventual damage. You might wind up having to replace the handle, break up clogs, and even deal with toilets overflowing onto the bathroom floor.

2. Leaky Sprinklers

Do you have an in-ground sprinkler system? If so, you need to keep an eye on the system to make sure it does not leak. Now, this might seem like a difficult task since it is meant to spray water all over your lawn. But, a leaking sprinkler system can impact your monthly water bill and flood your lawn. The best way to avoid a sprinkler system leak is to have the system properly cleaned and activated prior to the first use this summer season.

3. Issues with the Garbage Disposal

A lot of homes have garbage disposals installed underneath the kitchen sink. Issues with disposals crop up often in the summer months because of the constant cookouts and other parties that occur. Guests of your home might toss anything they have leftover on their plate into the sink and you unknowingly turn it on, which could cause a clog. With everyone home for the summer, the disposal will experience a lot of use, which could lead to it failing.

4. Outdoor Faucet Leaks

The outdoor faucets of your home, which can be found along the foundation or in the garage, might leak the first time you go to use them this summer. That is why you need to check them for leaks the minute you turn the water back on to every single faucet outside your home. Make sure you call a plumber to fix any leak you find on an outdoor faucet so you are able to water your lawn, wash your car, fill the pool and water the plants.

5. Clogs in the Sewer Line

A sewer line has a higher chance of backing up during the summer months because of the increase in storms that bring rain. Tree roots are another problem for sewer lines. The more they grow, the more likely it is that the roots penetrate the sewer line and cause a clog. If this issue is not repaired by an experienced plumber quickly, it can lead to a serious backup of waste into your home.

6. Hose Leaks on the Washing Machine

The washing machine in your home will get a lot more use in the summer months with the kids home from school. You’d think it would get more use when they are in school, but with so much they can get into, their clothes will constantly need to be washed along with their bathing suits. The hose on the washing machine is the part that most often needs to be replaced. Be on the lookout for leaks from the hoses before your home floods due to a failure in any of the hoses. These are easy to replace and the five minutes it takes to do so can save you a lot of money in repair costs.

7. Slow Draining Showers

Have you noticed that the showers in your home are taking too long to drain all of a sudden? If you’ve made quite a few trips to the beach during the summer, it could be due to the sand that came back hidden in your kids’ bathing suits. Make sure your kids take off and rinse off their bathing suits before entering the home. Have them change into a towel or robe outside so they can wash off the sand so it doesn’t go down the drain and cause a nasty clog.

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If you develop any of the seven summer plumbing problems mentioned in this post this summer season, it’s important that you contact a plumber immediately. The experienced team at Flow Plumbing can investigate the problem and provide the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

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