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All You Need To Know About Clogged Drain Cleaning

Everyone has experienced a drain that is clearing slower than it had in the past. And most homeowners will ignore this minor inconvenience until it becomes a major problem. However, at that point, pouring a bottle of drain cleaner down the sink is not likely to solve the problem. And in some cases, the harsh chemicals could actually cause additional damage to your plumbing pipes. The best solution for a slow drain or one that is clearly clogged is to call Flow Plumbing at 214-388-8838 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers.

What Causes Drains To Clog?

Most homeowners tend to look at drains as a pipe that carries water from their sinks, showers, and tubs. But what they don’t think about are all of the other things that get washed or flushed down the drain pipes. Some clogs occur because of long term build up that just happens over time while others are due to a single item that is introduced into the drain and gets stuck.

Some of the most common clog culprits include:

  • Cooking grease from the kitchen sink
  • Human hair from shower or tub drains
  • Pet fur from tubs or utility basins
  • Sewer reside which is a build up from soaps, detergents, and oil-based products
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitation products
  • Food leftovers
  • Almost anything that is flushed by an unattended small child

In addition, most homeowners don’t consider that all of the drains in their home carry water and waste to a single large sewer line. At that point, the combination of these different water and waste products can become one large clog on the main sewer line if left uncleaned.

Be Proactive To Save Money

Kitchen sinks are where clogs and blockages are most common in a home. And these clogs can be easily removed by the plumbing professionals at Flow Plumbing. Kitchen sink drain cleaning is one of Flow Plumbing’s most affordable services and also one that can save you a great deal of money by avoiding a more serious blockage at a later time. Call 214-388-8838 to schedule a drain cleaning before it becomes completely clogged. You can also request an estimate for a bathroom drain cleaning or an outside drain cleaning.

Slow Drains Are A Sign

Scheduling proactive drain cleaning is a great idea but many people forget about their drains until they begin to function more slowly. When you notice that a single drain or even all of the drains in your home are emptying more slowly, you need to realize that is just the beginning of what could become a far more costly issue. When the main sewer drain in your home begins to clog, all of the drains in your home will drain more slowly. This is the time to grab the phone and call the professionals at Flow Plumbing at 214-388-8838. All you need to do is schedule a drain cleaning.

But if you wait and the line gets completely blocked, then you could be facing a sewage backup in your home. When this occurs, dirty water and sewage can overflow from the lowest drain in your home causing moisture and contamination damage. Not only will this plumbing repair cost more than a simple drain cleaning but the clean-up of the sewage can also be very costly. Never ignore a slow drain. Call Flow Plumbing to eliminate the small issue before it becomes more expensive.

At Flow Plumbing we guarantee the work of our fully bonded and insured team of licensed plumbers. We have been fixing plumbing issue for the residents of Mesquite, TX for over 25 years and we know that we can live up to your high standards for professionalism and quality customer service.

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