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Water Heater Repair in Garland TX

Water Heaters in Garland are typically sturdy, reliable appliances. However, they are not without their problems. Whether you are experiencing:

Give Flow Plumbing a call at 214-388-8838 for fast and affordable water heater repair in Garland TX. Our local plumbers in Garland can have your water heater repaired or replaced quickly and affordably with most water heater repairs happening the very same day!

Whether you have an AO Smith, Rinnai, Whirpool, Bradford White, Titan, GE, Noritz, Rheem or any other major brand, we can help! Our licensed local plumbers are qualified to work with all major water heater brands! Here at Flow Plumbing and water heater repair in Garland we specialize in the same day repair of water heaters. Whether you have a gas, electric, standard, or tankless unit, we do it all! Residential 40-50 gallon natural gas or electric all the way up to larger commercial sized hot water heaters are serviced and repaired same day. If it is determined that you water heater is beyond repair we can even provide you with same day water heater installation in Garland!

Here are Flow Plumbing we really take pride in being the go-to experts for water heater service in Garland Texas. Our team of experienced, qualified, highly trained, trustworthy plumbers are standing by ready to assist you today just give us a call at 214-388-8838.

Contact us today at (214) 388-8838 for professional water heater repair in Garland, TX!

Common Causes of Water Heater Problems & Failures

– Improper or Complete Lack of Hot Water Heater Maintenance- With water heaters being hidden away in water heater closets or tucked away in the corner of a garage, most homeowners rarely see and think about them. It is usually not until there is a big problem with the hot water supply that homeowners give them any real thought at all. This means most units go without maintenance and are neglected for years at a time!

-Build Up of Sediment-  Another issue that leads to the need for water heater repair in Garland Tx is the continual build up of sediment that takes place over time. Whether it be from high water minerality, excessive heating that damages the steel lining of the tank causing rust break down,  or a curved dip tube, sediment is all but a guarantee when flushing or other water heater maintenance services are neglected.

– Leaking- When a hot water heater corrodes and ages it begins to break down causes a water heater to fail and begin to leak. This is usually a sign that the unit will need to be replaced. However, depending on the source of the leak repairs can sometimes be made. For example, if you have a leaking T&P Valve it can be diagnosed and swapped out saving you $100’s of dollars! This is why is is important to hire a professional plumbing company to perform your water heater repair in Garland!

Give us a call today at 214-388-8838! Our plumbers can assess and diagnose your water heater problems for you quickly and help you determine the most cost-effective course of action, whether it be repair or replacement. When you need water heater repair in Garland, TX, Go With The Flow!

When you contact Flow Plumbing for your water heater repair in Garland Texas you can rest assured you’ll get:

Need a New Water Heater?

If your homes current water heater is not providing you with enough hot water, has begun leaking, or has completely failed, our highly trained service experts in Garland, TX at Flow Plumbing can diagnose, assess and make recommendations for the best way to correct it. Since the average water heater has a life span of 10-12 years we also provide our customers with guarantees to make sure their water heater doesn’t fail early.

Different Water Heater Models and Types

With the constant evolution in home appliances the latest and greatest hot water heaters offer amazing energy efficiency, affordability and flexibility. If the determination is made that it is time to replace your hot water heater altogether, here is a brief overview of some of the types and options available to you.

Electric water heaters: Usually the cheapest in upfront cost but lacking in the cost efficiency category due to high electricity costs when compared to their gas counterparts.

Gas water heaters: These units will typically have a higher upfront cost but are less expensive overtime due to lower energy cost associated with gas power appliances.

Tankless hot water systems: The latest and greatest in innovations when considering water heaters. These units do away with the standard tank altogether! They work by heating water on demand as it flows through the unit. The hot water supply is theoretically infinite with a tankless unit. However, they are the highest upfront cost of all three water heater types.

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