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Water Heater Repair in Rowlett TX

Water heaters are an appliance that most Rowlett TX homeowners never even think about until that somewhat rare occasion when there is an issue. Signs of a water heater issue include:

Water heaters are an appliance that most Rowlett TX homeowners never even think about until that somewhat rare occasion when there is an issue. Signs of a water heater issue include:

Why Consider A New Water Heater?

There are several reasons that a homeowner might consider installing a new water heater. If you are not satisfied with the capacity of your current water heater, then a new larger water heater could be the solution to running out of hot water. If you have noticed a slight leak in your water heater, then you might also want to think about replacing it. In most cases, a leak is the first sign that the water heater is aging and that failure in inevitable. Also, even if the water heater is not leaking but you know that is is reaching the 8 to 10 year age then being proactive and replacing your water heater can save you the issues an unexpected failure or leak that causes damage to your home.

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Common Water Heater Issues to Watch Out For

Lack of Regular Maintenance- As with all mechanical items, water heaters require some regular maintenance. But because they are tucked away in a closet, basement or corner of the garage, most homeowners overlook this critical appliance. And once a problem is noticed, it is often too late. Investing in regular maintenance can save you time, money and frustration when your water heater suddenly fails.

Build up of Sediment in the Water Heater- Part of the maintenance of a water heater is draining it regularly to purge the sediment that can accumulate over time. This sediment in the water heater can be caused by high mineral content in your Rowlett, TX water, excessive use that has caused the lining of the water heater to rust or even a curve in the dip tube. But regardless of the cause of the sediment, the result is going to be a water heater failure if regular maintenance and flushing of the water heater have not been completed.

Leaks at or in the Water heater- Every mechanical device in a home wears out and your water heater is no different. With regular care and maintenance a water heater can be expected to function reliably for as long as 8 to 10 years in most cases. But lack of care can increase the speed of deterioration of the water heater, causing leaks. In some cases, the water heater can be repaired such as the case of a leak at a valve, but leaks in the wall of the water heater will require replacement of the entire unit. At Flow Plumbing, we will offer you all of the appropriate options to repair your existing water heater as well as the option to replace it because we understand that you need the solution that meets your budget.

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What to Think About When Considering a New Water Heater

A new water heater can offer you increased efficiency, a greater supply of hot water and increased flexibility in meeting your hot water needs. As you consider a replacement be sure to investigate all three of the following major types of water heaters to decide which option best meets your needs.

Electric Water Heater-This is normally the most cost effective unit to purchase but can cost more to operate.

Gas Water Heater- This unit is often more expensive to purchase but uses less energy so the operating cost is lower.

Tankless Hot Water System- This is the newest innovation in water heaters and can, in theory, provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water as it heats water on demand. This new system is the most costly to purchase but does offer endless hot water.

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