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Backed Up Shower or Tub? Here’s why and How to Fix It!


Ugh! There are few things grosser in life than taking your morning shower only to discover that the shower drain is no longer draining but regurgitating water back up into the shower pan or tub. Or perhaps when you flush the toilet it comes up through the drain in the bathtub.  In some cases, it can appear to be sewer water that’s being sent back up through the drain. A common misconception is that dirty water is sourced from the sewer. However, most of the time this isn’t the case.

If you’re experiencing water being recycled upwards and out of your shower drain this is a sign that there is a problem with your home’s plumbing infrastructure. Typically, when water is no longer being drained properly it’s an indication of blockage or another issue. In this scenario, here are some things you can try to fix the problem.

When Blockage Is the Culprit

When there is a blockage within the sewer line you can expect to have some issues pertaining to draining. The sewer line is a large pipe that extends all throughout your home and connects to the main sewer line outside. The blockage can be due to toilet paper, tampons or some other household item being stuck in the pipes or it can be related to a structural issue.

In this case, you can try unclogging the shower drain so that it drains properly. An easy trick is to simply use the plunger. First, you’ll have to unscrew the cover off the drain. Then you can proceed to plunge the drain. If a small particle is stuck you’ll find that plunging will do the job.

If plunging fails to do the job, your next option is snaking. During this process, you should take a ¼ power top snake which is small enough to fit down a drain and maneuver. Be sure to hold the cable close to the drain to avoid kinking. Next, slowly maneuver the snake past the trap about ten feet and then retract it.  If you need to you can repeat the snaking.

Before you apply the cover to the drain you’ll want to check to make sure that your shower is draining the water properly. If not, you can try snaking further down to remove any blockage that can be all the way down the pipeline. After you clear the blockage, turn on the hot water and allow it to run down the drain for at least sixty seconds.

Cleaning The Drain Cover

If the shower drain isn’t clogged than the problem could be the cover itself. Sometimes a build up of soap scum and other particles can affect the way that the shower drains. In this case, you’ll want to perform a thorough cleaning of the drain cover. This can be down by unscrewing the drain top and rinsing it with a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Vinegar will eradicate all types of soap scum and residue from the drain cover.

Do I Need to Hire A Professional Plumber?

Water coming up from the shower drain can also be attributed to the amount of water a household is processing. Appliances like the dishwasher and the washing machine tend to push large volumes of water through the pipes. Even the toilet drains water every time it’s flushed. When there is blockage within the sewer lines or the pipes there is nowhere for the water to go. As a result, water begins to regurgitate through the drains within the home.

If you find that plunging or snaking the shower drain isn’t working then professional help is necessary. In fact, severe blockage is an indication that there may be a bigger issue that should be resolved as soon as possible. Contact Flow Plumbing today to schedule your clogged drain cleaning service!

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