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4 Reasons to Install a Convenient, Eco-Friendly Garbage Disposal

Woman's hand are breaking through the pipes. Clog pipe cleaner by yourself. Flexible spring drain cleaner.

The garbage disposal is a relatively new invention. The idea of perching a set of metal blades just out of sight under your sink to grind up food waste is less than 100 years old. An estimated 20% of the typical American home’s trash is food waste. Garbage disposals give you a better way to […]

4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

Closeup of a plumber using a wrench to tighten a fitting beneath a kitchen sink. Only the man's hand and arm are visible. Horizontal format.

A garbage disposal that’s experiencing issues can be frustrating. It makes it difficult to dispose of food scraps, and your kitchen may not smell that fresh. How do you know when your garbage disposal needs a repair? Keep an eye out for the following warning signs. 1. Water Leaks If you notice puddles under your […]

4 Common Causes of Gurgling Drains

A person is trying to unclog the drain of a sink using plastic disposable snake auger tool

Whether you’re washing your hands or are doing the dishes, you may notice that your drains start to make unusual sounds when they’re in use. The sounds may sound like gurgling, which can make you concerned about issues that are developing. Here are a few of the common causes of gurgling drains to be aware […]

Possible Reasons Your Pipes in Mesquite, TX Are Knocking

Woman looking at damage after a water pipe leak at home

Knocking pipes can make a lot of noise and become very annoying, but don’t turn up the television and ignore the sound. Think of it as an alarm to let you know there may be a problem with your plumbing. Learn some of the main causes of knocking in your pipes. Water Hammering Water hammering, […]

Extend the Life of Your Plumbing System With These 5 Tips

Plumber Man With Tools In the bathroom. Plumbing And Renovation

Water pipes in a home are components that are not often thought about until something goes wrong. If something does go wrong with your water pipes, it can be catastrophic and expensive. Performing some simple maintenance tasks can help you avoid serious problems and extend the lifespan of your water pipes by a considerable amount. […]

How to Remove Rust Stains in Your Toilet

Dirty unhygienic toilet bowl with limescale stain at public restroom close up.

If you are like other residents in Mesquite, you may eventually notice a rusty stain developing in your toilet bowl. In fact, regardless of how diligent you are with bathroom cleaning efforts, rust stains can be problematic. When regular cleaning efforts fail to remove the stains, you may think that your only choice is to […]

5 Reasons to Get Your Water Leaks Fixed Immediately

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

During the hot, dry summers in Mesquite, TX, the last thing you want to do is waste water. However, having a constant drip from your sink or shower will do just that. Water leaks may seem harmless, but the damage can be costly. The sooner you can take care of any water leaks in your […]

All the Hot Water You Want!

Instant tankless electric water heater installed on grey tile wall with input and output pipe outlet and elcb safety breaker system and silver shower

Yes, it’s true! A tankless water heater can provide you with a limitless supply of hot water. You can take a hot shower for days if you wish. A tankless water heater can be more energy-efficient and certainly takes up less room. Save Space A standard water heater, whether it’s gas or electric, takes up […]

Is A Plumbing Issue In Your Home Making You Sick?

It might sound hard to believe that a plumbing issue in your Mesquite home could be responsible for an unexplained illness. But it is very possible if you have a hidden water leak in your home that has promoted the growth of toxic black mold. It takes only 24 hours for mold to begin to […]

Are Flushable Wipes Drain-Safe?

Many Mesquite residents have given in to temptation and tried the new flushable wipes that are making news all over town. However, after using these products for a few months, the common questions revolve around the term flushable. Anyone with small children will tell you that many things will flush but should never find their […]