27 Sep. 17

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

Do You Have A Slab Leak in Your Mesquite Home?

Slab leaks can easily become the bane of a homeowners existence. They are a big deal and can become costly repairs if they are left unresolved. Most homeowners are aware of this fact. However, they typically aren’t sure what a slab leak is, exactly. The most basic description of a slab leak would be, water lines leaking beneath the concrete slab that your home was built upon. They are a more complicated problem to resolve than say a leaking faucet or shower head because of their location.  This means that it is very important to know how to identify a potential slab leak in your Mesquite home.

Most Common Signs of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks that are left unresolved can lead to extensive physical damage and as a result, costly repairs. The problem is that most home owners are unsure of some of the signs of a slab leak and therefore take too long to act. Ignoring a slab leak will not make it go away and it’s best to catch them as early as possible. If you are experiencing any of the below signs of a slab leak do not hesitate to call out a licensed plumber in Mesquite to locate and repair it immediately.

  • Damp or Warped carpet or flooring
  • Hot spot in your homes flooring
  • Mold located in walls and along baseboards
  • Musty or damp smells
  • Sounds of constant running water especially when faucets are off
  • Yard flooding or damage (sometimes the source of the leak is further in the line and runs out into the yard rather than under the home)
  • Unusual spike in water usage
  • Unusually high water bill
  • Foundation damage or shifts

If you have noticed any of the above signs it is imperative that you schedule a slab leak detection in Mesquite. We can determine whether the leak is actually under the slab and locate the & fix the leak fast!

If you’d like more information or need to schedule your slab leak detection and repair in Mesquite do not hesitate to give us a call at 214-388-8838!