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Emergency DIY Plumbing Solutions To Avoid

When you discover a plumbing leak in your home, your first thought is to Google a temporary fix or solution to avoid flooding your home. But what many homeowners do not realize is that many of the tips on the Internet will do more harm than good. That is not to say that there are not some good ideas out there, but you need to be aware of the ones that could damage your pipes and plumbing fixtures and cost you more in the long run than a visit from your trusted plumber from  Flow Plumbing. In fact, when you call us at (214) 388-8838, you will instantly be speaking to an employee for our company who can provide you with real steps that you can take to avert a severe issue until our licensed plumber arrives.

Some Of The Worst Advice On The Internet!

Liquid Drain Cleaners – Any licensed plumber will quickly tell you that liquid drain cleaners are the devil’s tool. These products are a cocktail of harsh chemicals that claim to eat away a clog faster than you can imagine. But what the label does not tell you is that these chemicals are as likely to eat through your pipes as they are any nasty clog. So while you think that this is a fast and easy solution for a clog, you could be setting yourself up for a serious leak in your drain pipe. And the added drawback is the cloud of chemical fumes that will inundate your home while these chemicals are melting your pipes and maybe a bit of the clog. The safest solution for you and your drain pipes is a call to (214) 388-8838 to schedule a professional drain cleaning from a licensed  Flow Plumbing professional.

Epoxy – Epoxy is a putty that is purported to be suitable for patching plumbing leaks. After it is applied to a pipe, it hardens. But this is a temporary fix at best, and in many cases, it is not waterproof. The worst part about using epoxy is that it can lead to a false sense of security. The result is often expensive water damage when you put off calling (214) 388-8838 for a professional repair. You are better putting the money you were planning to spend on epoxy toward a functional repair from  Flow Plumbing.

Repair Tape – We have all seen the commercials on TV that show a small piece of tape fixing a horrendous water leak in a pipe. The tape instantly adheres to the wet pipe, and the water magically stops as the announcer stands back and smiles at this amazing repair product. But rarely does this material stop a leak even under the best conditions, let alone on a wet pipe while water is still flowing. In most cases, all you will be able to accomplish is slowing the flow of water. And in the process, you have wasted both money and time that could have been devoted to contacting  Flow Plumbing for a legitimate repair solution.

Teflon Tape – While Teflon tape as a legitimate place in the plumbing world, it is not always the solution to a small leak at a threaded connection. When threaded metal pipes are correctly assembled, there is a small amount of Teflon tape or pipe dope that is added to the threads to complete the seal. But adding more tape is not always the solution for a leaking threaded connection. In many cases, you will create more issues by disassembling the piping and trying to add more Teflon tape than you could solve. The best choice when you discover a drip at a pipe connection is to call (214) 388-8838 for an appointment with a licensed  Flow Plumbing plumber.

While small leaks in water pipes and drain pipes are certainly an annoyance, these problems are not usually solved by a deep dive on the Internet and then a few hours spent on a DIY project. The best investment of your hard-earned money is to call the professionals to  Flow Plumbing. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also know that the job was done correctly and is backed by our warranty on all parts and labor.

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