How A Plumbing Camera Inspection Can Save You Money

You have a plumbing leak. Most property owners live in fear of hearing these 5 simple words when they are spoken by a plumber. Their first mental image is of heavy equipment tearing through your yard, mounds of dirt and a rather sizable bill when the destruction is completed and the elusive leak is finally located and repaired. But that is not what Metroplex Leak and Line Locators customers face when they are told that there is a leak on their property. Instead, a Metroplex technician will turn to technology to locate the issue rather than a shovel.

How It Works

Our technicians use the latest specially constructed, waterproof cameras to inspect underground water and sewer pipes. The camera itself is very tiny and is located on the tip of a flexible rod much like a plumbing snake, allowing it to fit in even the smallest of pipes. These cameras are capable of transmitting images from inside the pipe as well as the depth and location of any blockage or damage to the piping. The information received from the camera lets the technician know if there is corrosion, a misalignment in the piping or damage that must be dug up and repaired. But it is the location information that helps to keep any destruction of your yard to a minimum and greatly reduces the cost of restoration after any repairs are made.

Benefits Of Inspection Cameras

Obviously, these cameras save a great deal of time and money because technicians are not digging up the entire pipe to locate the issue. But in addition to that, these submersible cameras eliminate the need to remove or cut sidewalks, driveways and other paved surfaces that could be running over the top of your plumbing lines. And in the event that your piping crosses another property, the camera can potentially eliminate the need to dig up any part of your neighbor’s property, keeping both you and your neighbors happy.

Proactive Uses for Plumbing Inspection Cameras

Over time, pipes can settle and separate or even become crushed or damage from tree roots. In the past, the only way that property owners learned about such issues was when the water finally surfaced from a leak or the plumbing pipes backed up into the house. And both of these issues required not only immediate repairs for the plumbing but also the expense of repairing the water damage either in your yard or home. But a proactive pipe inspection with a camera can reveal minor issue which need attention before they turn into larger and more expensive problems. These types of preemptive pipe inspections are also becoming very common as a part of the inspection process prior to purchasing an existing home.

When You Discover A Plumbing Issue

Acting quickly at the first indication of a plumbing issue is critical. The faster you contact Metroplex Leak and Line Locators at 214-388-4525, the sooner our professional plumber can arrive to determine the exact problem. Once the problem is located and verified, the plumber will provide you with an exact price quote for the repairs that are needed. For non-emergency repairs, we strongly recommend that property owners seek other price quotes because we know we offer the best pricing in the Mesquite, TX area and we want you to know it as well. In emergency situations, you might not want to wait for other estimates, but that is completely your choice. We are always prepared to begin work immediately, with your approval.

Metroplex Leak and Line Locators have been providing top quality plumbing and customer service to the residents of the Mesquite, TX area for three decades. And we would be honored to be your trusted plumbing service for all of your plumbing needs. Call 214-388-4525 today to schedule your plumbing camera inspection.