How Plumbers Safely Remove Tough Clogs

When you notice that a single drain is clearing more slowly than normal, it is time to take action and not wait for the situation to get worse. But that is not what most homeowners do. They might have good intentions, but a slow drain does not get the attention it needs to avoid becoming a clogged drain. And once that happens, a bottle of drain cleaner from the big box store is not going to be a viable solution. In fact, the harsh chemicals can actually cause damage to the pipes rather than removing the clog. The real solution to any tough clog is to call a professional plumber. 

The Small Artillery

If your plumber finds that the clog in your sink drain is right at the trap, the U shaped pipe under the sink, it is often easiest to just disassemble the pipe and remove the clog. But if the clog is a little further away, a plunger, snake, or hand auger are going to be the tools used to eliminate the clog. All of these tools are used to break up the clog and then water is used to flush the particles out to the main city sewer line. 

The Big Gun

In the event of a really tough clog such as hair, pet fur, and greasy residue from bath and beauty products, professional plumbers have a go-to tool that will remove any clog and clean the entire inside of all of your drain pipes. The hydro-jet is a special nozzle that attaches to a high-pressure hose and uses water pressures up to 4000 psi to disintegrate any clog. Then the debris is washed out of your drain pipes and into the city sewer main. 

A Word Of Caution

As you might imagine, 4000 psi is very intense and if not used properly, it can destroy your drain pipes. That is why it is imperative to only hire a trained professional plumber to clean tough clogs using a hydro-jet. Even though the use of this equipment takes some training, it is clearly one of the safest methods for removing clogs from drain pipes when it is being operated by a skilled pro. And the fact that it eliminates the need for caustic chemicals, means that you will never be forced to endure the harsh smell of chemicals after a clog has been removed using the hydro-jet. 

Avoiding Tough Clogs

When you are faced with a completely clogged drain, it is very understandable that you want it eliminated as quickly as possible. And what that often means is that you are paying for after-hours emergency service from a plumber. That can be expensive. But it is better than having filthy water backing up in your home. However, all of that stress and mess can be avoided by scheduling an annual drain cleaning appointment from your local plumber. These visits are scheduled in advance and are normally a very fast and easy visit, as all of the lines are blasted and cleaned before actual clogs are limiting the water flow. 

When your plumber arrives, he or she will use a hydro-jet machine to carefully remove all of the build-up of oil-based sludge that is stuck to the inside of your drain pipes, as well as any air or debris that is stuck to the pipe walls. This process leaves you with clean pipes that are not likely to clog unless you force something too big down a drain. And this once a year simple cleaning can keep you from ever needing to pay the high rates for emergency service to unclog a drain. Every plumber will tell you that a single visit each year is far more cost effective than just one emergency visit at night or on the weekend.