How To Eliminate Clogged Drains FOREVER

Once you have experienced a clogged and overflowing drain, your outlook is changed forever. You quickly discover that the first signs of a slow clearing drain are not to be taken lightly and that they are a call to action that should be answered quickly. Because left unresolved, that small issue in your drain will grow into a time consuming and expensive mistake. 

Dirty water and even human waste could begin to back up into your home causing damage and creating a health risk. After this happens just once, you will be eager to learn how you can prevent such a disgusting occurrence from ever happening again. And the answer to this question is as simple as scheduling a professional drain cleaning once each year. 

A DIY Fix Is Not The Solution

Everyone has noticed at one time or another that there is a foul odor coming from a drain in their home. And in most cases, homeowners will opt to pour a bottle of drain cleaner or bleach into the drain to remove the smell. But the actual issue could be far more serious than an unpleasant smell. The smell is often just a warning that there is a clog beginning in the drain and that the worst is yet to come. And a bottle of caustic chemical cleaner is going to do little more than prolong the problem and create toxic chemical fumes in your home. 

What Is A Professional Drain Cleaning?

Professional drain cleaning is a process that requires special equipment that can only be used by trained plumbing professionals. Hydro Jets and other high-pressure drain cleaning equipment can produce up to 35,000 psi which could destroy your drains if used improperly. But when used correctly, the high-pressure nozzle is inserted into the drain and allows your plumber to carefully break up and wash away any clogs that are in the drainpipe, as well as the residue that is covering the inside of your drain pipes. Once that residue is removed, even food particles will wash through the pipes without sticking and creating a blockage. And the best part of this system is that no harsh chemicals are being used that can damage your pipes and create a health hazard in your home!

All The Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning

Obviously, with regular drain cleaning, you will not need to worry about dirty water flooding your home and the hassle that it can cause. But there are other benefits that you might not have thought of. 

  •   By eliminating clogs and blockages you will eliminate the bad smell of rotting food or waste that is caught in the drain pipes
  •   A professional high-pressure drain cleaning uses no chemicals that cause your drain pipes to break down, so you can expect a long life for your drain pipes and fewer leaks as they do age. 
  •   No more worries about water damage to your home from backups and flooding. Most homeowners don’t realize that even a tiny bit of water can create a breeding ground for toxic black mold. Regular drain cleanings can ensure that tiny overflows are not an issue nor is black mold. 
  •   Clean drains are fast drains. This means that you will never be standing in dirty water while showering. You will also know that the dirty water from your sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets is flowing quickly to the city sewer line and is not lingering in the pipes in your home. 
  •   And possibly the greatest benefit is that you will never be forced to drop what you are doing and deal with a clogged drain again. Your plumber will arrive and spend about an hour cleaning the drains once each year and you will never have to deal with dirty water, nasty chemicals, or the mess of a clogged drain again. That is certainly worth the cost of any professional drain cleaning service. 

Drain clogs are almost always the result of long term buildup of greasy residue and tiny particle of solids. And with regularly scheduled cleaning/maintenance to your drains, this build-up will never occur. Now that is not to say that a clog will not occur if a small child flushed a siblings favorite stuffed animal, but it does ensure that regular clogs from food, hair, and grease will not be creating a mess in your home. Call today, and schedule a regular drain cleaning appointment with your trusted local plumber and forget about clogs and drain backups forever.