Plumbing Emergencies- What To Do Before Calling A Professional Plumber

Many plumbing emergencies can occur and cause severe damage before a Flow Plumbing licensed plumber can arrive at your home. To avoid these costly situations, there are a few tips that every homeowner should know and follow to save time, money, and a great deal of frustration.

Burst Pipes Or Severe Leaks – When you discover a significant water leak such as a burst pipe, broken fitting, or fixture, your first job is to turn off the water to your entire home. This can be done by closing the main water valve that is located at your water meter. If you have a well that supplies your water, then the valve will be located where your water pipe comes into your home. Next, drain all of the water out of the pipes throughout your home by opening all of the cold water faucets and flushing the toilets. Then drain the hot water lines by open all hot water faucets. Draining all of the lines will eliminate any additional leakage from the damaged piping. Next, call (214) 388-8838 to schedule an emergency visit from a licensed Flow Plumbing professional to repair the damage to your plumbing and restore the water service to your home.

A Gas Leak – Any gas leak in your home is a VERY serious matter and can be deadly. Turning off all electrical items and anything with an open flame is a good idea IF it can be done quickly and as you are exiting your home. Leave any doors or windows open as well to help air out your home and avoid the potential for an explosion or fire. Once everyone has evacuated your home, turn off the gas supply if possible and call (214) 388-8838 for an emergency service call. It is best not to re-enter your home until a professional has inspected for lingering gas that could be ignited by an open flame or spark.

A Backed-Up Toilet – There are few issues in your home that are as worrisome as a backed-up toilet. The potential for water damage and contamination is very high, so turning off the water is always your first concern. Most commodes have a valve under the tank that shuts off the water. Once that is turned off, you have time to focus on getting the dirty water to flush out of the toilet bowl. If the water is near the top of the toilet bowl, use a bucket to remove some water before plunging. If repeated plunging does not force the clog through the pipe and allow the water to drain completely, call (214) 388-8838 and schedule an appointment with a Flow Plumbing plumber. Even if you can clear the drain with a plunger, it is a good idea to consider scheduling a proactive professional drain cleaning to avoid any future clogs and water damage expenses.

Backed Up Sinks – It is never a good idea to dump harsh chemical drain cleaners into your pipes. These products are made of harsh chemicals that can cause a great deal of damage to your drain pipes. And in most cases, these cleaners will not eliminate the clog. At best, they will clear enough of the clog for some water to flow, but they will not eliminate the entire issue. If you have access to the pipes under the sink, you can remove the U shaped trap that is designed to hold a small amount of water to stop odors from entering your home through the drain pipe. This trap is also the most common location for debris to become lodged and create a clog. If the clog is not located in the trap, then it is time to call in the professionals from Flow Plumbing. They will professionally remove any clogs and clean all of your drain pipes with a high-pressure water process.

Any plumbing emergency can be very nerve-wracking, but it is essential to remain calm and shut off the water supply as quickly as possible. This will minimize the potential for water damage and should help to eliminate a great deal of your stress. That call a licensed plumber to locate and correct the issue for you professionally and safely.