How To Prevent Trouble With Your Toilets

How To Prevent Trouble With Your Toilets

Almost every homeowner has been faced with at least one plumbing problem in their bathroom. For many people, the problems are clogs, in toilets and drains alike. However, toilet problems are extremely common, and often avoidable! Today we will discuss several ways you can prevent problems with your toilet at home.

Don’t Flush That!

Rule number one to follow when you are hoping to keep your toilet free from problems is that you shouldn’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Feminine products, toys, alligators, and paper towels don’t belong in the toilet. Make sure to keep a trashcan close to the toilet, to encourage other members of your household to use it instead of the toilet.

Don’t Put That In The Tank!

This one is for those of you who rely on old fashioned remedies. It was once believed that putting a brick in the tank of your toilet would displace the water and save your toilet from wasting so much water. However, unless your toilet is from before the mid 90s, it likely only uses 1.6 gallons of water to flush. If you are working with an older toilet, consider replacing it, or using a weighted water bottle to displace the water, as bricks break down and clog your system over time.

Don’t Clean With That!

It is important that you avoid using harsh chemical cleaners to clear clogs in your toilet. Those chemicals can damage your pipes, as well as the finish on your toilet, and they are not an effective way of solving clog problems. Use a flange plunger, or call an experienced plumber instead!

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