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When You Need Sewer Line Repair Services in Dallas, TX, Go With The Flow!

Does something smell a little off at home? It may be a problem with your sewer line! There are several different things that cause sewer line damage, and a variety of different ways these problems can manifest themselves. If you need professional sewer line repair in Dallas, TX, call the professionals at 214-388-8838 today. At Flow Plumbing, we have decades of experience in not only plumbing repairs but also customer service. We are dedicated to providing top quality plumbing work at affordable prices, all while providing the superior customer service.


Protect Your Home, Repair ASAP

Issues with your sewer line are incredibly inconvenient, and won’t go unnoticed for long. As with any home repair, though, the faster you find the issue, the easier it is to fix. There are a few different ways you can determine whether or not your have an issue with your sewer line, and the first is slow drains. Now, slow drains can be an indication of other problems as well, such as clogs, but if you are noticing the majority of drains in your home are emptying at a slower rate, it is definitely time to call a professional. Additionally, gurgling sounds from your drains and toilet can be a sign of sewer line damage. The next thing most homeowners notice is the strange odor, and even sewage backup. All of the lower drains in your home will leak out to the sewage line, so the smell can come from any of those.

So what causes sewer line damage? The sewage lines can be broken by a variety of things, from excessive drought and rain to overzealous tree roots that break through the pipes. However, breaks in sewer lines are most often caused by improper maintenance of the plumbing system, particularly in older plumbing systems. Be sure to schedule maintenance on your pipes from time to time, to avoid plumbing emergencies, such as waking up to a flooded bathroom from a break in the sewage line! At Flow Plumbing, we offer speedy and affordable sewer line repair in Dallas, TX, as well as services for all of your plumbing care needs. Call us today at 214-388-8838, and Go With The Flow whenever you need expert plumbing repairs!

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