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When You Need Sewer Line Repair Services in Dallas, TX, Go With The Flow!

Every home and most buildings in the DFW are equipped with sewer lines that are responsible for transporting waste water and solid waste away from the property safely. This sewage as it is called, is moved from the home or building to the city’s sewer system or in some cases to a private septic tank that is located on site. Sewer lines play an extremely vital roll in keeping people safe and healthy and containing deadly bacteria located in waste water.

However, over time just like water lines, sewer lines can break down or decay! This inevitably leads to health hazards and serious property damage. Common causes of a broken sewer line are tree root intrusions, shifting grounds, and general decay. If you have noticed a foul smell or odor that seems to be seeping up from your yard or around drains on your property, it is likely that there is a break in the sewer line of your home or building and are in need of sewer line repair in Dallas.

When it comes to sewer line services Flow Plumbing is the easy choice in Dallas! From problem identification to the repair and replacement of broken sewer lines, we have over 25 years experience in diagnosing and repairing sewer line issues! Our expertly trained staff of licensed plumbing technicians are qualified to handle any sewer line challenge that you might be facing. From tree root removal, to new sewer line installation, there is no job that we can’t handle. To schedule an estimate for your sewer line repair in Dallas give us a call today 214-388-8838


Common Causes of Sewer Line Issues

When it comes to sewer line issues, the leading causes have remained rather consistent over the years with the exception being “flushable wipes” that have recently come into markets. You see, the single leading cause of sewer line problems is when debris gets flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be. And although Charmin and Cottonelle may bill these wet wipes as flushable, they are not degradable in the same way that standard toilet paper is. They can cause serious clogs, pressure build up, and breaks in sewer lines!

The most common causes of sewer line issues are:

  • Paper products
  • “Flushable” wiipes
  • Excess toilet paper
  • Children’s toys
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Age of sewer lines
  • Shifting grounds

Here at Flow Plumbing we have some of the best technology available to diagnose a sewer line intrusion or break. By using a special sewer line inspection camera, our plumbers are able to quickly and accurately identify any potential damage to a sewer line, as well as identify the cause. All of this without costly digging and invasive techniques! Give us a call today to schedule your sewer line repair in Dallas. We are standing by ready to help!

Clean Out. Blockage. What Does it all Mean?

 A sewer stoppage is a blockage that is caused by the collection of solid objects that cannot travel properly through a sewer system. Clearing a sewer stoppage is a common service that we perform. Essentially when a restriction inside a sewer line gets so bad that it prevents sewage from flowing through the line properly, we access the system and force the blockage down the line safely. Thus, restoring the flow of your homes sewage system! This is typically referred to as a clean-out and is a very common service.

Need Fast & Affordable Sewer Line Repair in Dallas?

When you contact Flow Plumbing for your sewer line repair in Dallas you can rest assured you’ll get:

Sewer Line Replacement in Dallas

Here at Flow Plumbing we we amongst the most highly reviewed plumbers in Dallas. We believe that this is largely due to our capability to handle even the most involved plumbing work.  This includes any and all sewer line related services ranging from main sewer line repair, new main sewer line installation, or the replacement of damaged section of a main sewer line.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair Method

The traditional method for repairing a damaged sewer line is to dig up the line to expose any sections that might be damaged, corroded, or broken. This digging process is typically done by backhoe or with heavy duty machinery depending on how deep the line is buried. For instance, homes with basements will have sewer lines that are buried much deeper than homes on slab foundations. Ones the trench is dug and the line exposed, a damaged section of line can be clearly indentified. Options for repairing the line will might include removing and replacing the entire main sewer line or cutting away and replacing a small section. The cause of the break, the extent of the damage, and the likeliness of future failure will help determine which option is best for your home. Once the line is repaired or replaced the excavated trench will be filled back in.

A commonly requested option that results in the least amount of property disturbance is trenchless sewer line repair. The term trenchless refers to a method of repair that does not require the digging of a large trench to expose damaged pieces of a main sewer line. This is especially helpful when sewer lines run underneath driveways of residential properties or through the parking lots of commercial real estate.  There are 2 main options for trenchless sewer line repair in Dallas, pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe Bursting

If your wondering what in the heck “pipe bursting” is, you’re not alone. To put it plainly, pipe bursting refers to intentionally breaking open sewer lines that are damaged beyond the point of repair. Thought of as more effecient and safer than the traditional trench digging repair method,  high-grade pipe bursting equipment uses mechanical force to burst and replace damged sewer systems. Typically, small access holes are made at both ends of the sewer pipe. From there a machine will follow along the path of the existing but damaged pipe breaking it away, and pulling behind it, a new pipe.

Pipe Relining Sewer Repair Process

Simply put, pipe relining is the process of inserting a new pipe right into the remains of an old damaged one. Hydrojetting equipment is used to thoroughly clean out the old damaged line. Then a single small hole is dug at the beginning end of the line. Once access to the pipe is available we pull a liner into the line and inflate it like a tube. That liner becomes “cured” or hardened as it dries leaving your old damaged section of sewer line flowing like new. Pipe relining is usually a decent option for pipes with intrusions from tree roots, small holes, or cracks in the seal.

Which Method of Sewer Line Repair or Sewer Line Replacement is Best For You?

When we are about to perform a sewer line repair or replacement at a property in Dallas, homeowners commonly ask us which option is going to be best for their specific situation. Many things can factor into the method of repair a homeowner wants to take and all replacement methods have pros and cons. That is why we always walk our customers through the each option available to them and explain in detail the costs associated with each option, along with the reliablility and durability of each.

The last thing we want to do is provide any service that is not right choice for our customer, and we believe that in order to make the right choice you need access to all of the information.

Give us a call today to schedule your sewer line repair in Dallas. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your specific situation and walk you through every option available to you for repair.