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When You Need Sewer Line Repair Services in Mesquite, TX, Go With The Flow!

A cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged sewer line can cause all sorts of problems for you and your property. From foul odors and hazardous waste in your yard, to toxic water back-ups into the sinks, toilets, and drains inside of your home, there no shortage of ways a broken sewer line can cause harm. Here at Flow Plumbing we can identify the exact source of your home’s sewer line issues. Rather you have a tree root intrusion affecting the line, a broken pipe, or old pipes that have begun to crack and deteriorate leading to the leaching of sewage on your property.

The thought of having to contact a plumbing company to repair a main sewer line can be overwhelming. Here at Flow Plumbing our aim is to make the decision easier on you. That is why we offer fast repairs, affordable prices, and deliver a complete estimate for every job before the work begins. This ensures you know exactly how long the job will take, and exactly what you’ll pay once the work is complete. You don’t need to spend time stressing over what something “might be”. Know exactly what it will be by calling on Flow to perform your sewer line repair in Mesquite, Rockwall, Garland, Dallas, or any city in the DFW Metroplex. We’re fast, affordable, and available to serve you!

When you choose Flow Plumbing to perform your sewer line repair in Mesquite you can rest assured you’ll get:

Sewer Line Repair Methods

Our locally owned and operated plumbing company is proud to call itself home to some of the most skilled plumbers in Mesquite.  Our highly trained staff can perform any sewer line related service with precision. When you call on Flow to perform your home’s sewer line repair service in Mesquite we will walk you through the best options for repair. Taking both your home’s specific needs and your budget into account. Below are some of the common methods used for sewer line repair and replacement.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair Method

When we talk about the “traditional method” for repairing a damaged sewer line, we are talking about digging up the line to expose damaged, corroded, or broken sections. Once we have revealed the source of the issue we can cut out and replace the damaged piping. Once repaired, we will simply backfill the the trench that was dug, restoring your property to it’s pre-repair state. Sometimes sod will need to be laid if grass was dug up to expose the line, other times, depending on the location of the line and the terrain of your property, a simple backfill is enough. Either way, we will walk you through the entire process so that you know exactly what to expect before any work begins.

Pipe Bursting Method

Pipe bursting is modern method for repairing a broken sewer line. Pipe bursting requires expensive equipment and expert handling in order to be successful. Using pipe bursting technology allows you to forgo digging a construction trench. While this may sound like the way to go, most sewer lines in Texas are burried only 18 to 30 inches deep. Some colder areas may see lines buried as deep as 6ft, so it is easy to see why having a trench free option is necessary in those areas. In Texas, pipe bursting is rarely used in residential sewer line repair applications.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Method

Another modern repair method that has become increasingly popular over the years is the trenchless sewer line repair method. Just like the name implies, the trenchless method can be used to repair a sewer line without the need for “trenching” or diggin up the line. This method can actually restore damaged or leaking pipes internally.

Below are some possible applications for trenchless sewer line repair in Mesquite:

  • Cracked lines
  • Rust and other corrision
  • Broken pipes
  • Tree root intrusions

Which Method of Sewer Line Repair is Right for Your Home?

When we receive calls from homeowner’s regarding sewer line repair and replacement options they often time want to inquire about pricing and what method is best to use. While some companies may be devoted to one specific method, our experience over the past 25 years has taught us that each property is unique. That is why we will not quote a sewer line repair price or decide upon the best option for repair without seeing and inspecting the line. We wish to be accurate in both and know that the only to truly do this is to see your specific sewer line issue first hand.

The last thing we want to do is provide any service that is not right choice for our customer, and we believe that in order to make the right choice you need access to all of the information.

Give us a call today to schedule an estimate and to walk through the process for your sewer line repair in Mesquite. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of your specific situation and take the time necessary to walk you through your options for repair or replacement of the line.