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What To Do When You Discover Dark Specks In Your Water

When you turn on a water faucet to fill a glass or a pot for cooking, you expect clean, clear water. So when you look at the water and see specks of dark material floating around, it is understandable that you feel upset and alarmed. Not a day goes by that you don’t see a news article or story about water contamination and the unthinkable health issues that it causes for unsuspecting consumers. But the good news for most people is that while these flecks or specks are annoying, they are not an immediate health hazard. But you will want to determine the cause or source of these particles and have the issue fixed, sooner rather than later.

What Causes Particulates In Your Drinking Water

There are a few common causes of flecks of material in your water. And there are ways to eliminate them by correcting the issue. If you are relatively handy with tools and comfortable working on projects around the house, you can begin investigating the problem on your own. Or you can call (214) 388-8838, and schedule a visit from a Flow Plumbing licensed plumber. Our plumbing pro will be able to evaluate your home’s plumbing and determine the cause of the particles in your water. In most cases, it will be related to one of the three issues described below.

  1. PIPE CORROSION- The plumbing pipes in your home do begin to wear out eventually. This process becomes noticeable when you are dealing with constant leaks and specks in your water. Both of these issues are due to corrosion building up in the pipes. Not only does the build-up eat away the pipe material, but it can also flake into your water. To know if pipe corrosion is your issue, you need to know the type of pipes in use, the corrosive properties of your local water, and even when the pipes were installed. Professional repiping is the only complete solution to this problem.
  2. CORRODED OR CONTAMINATED WATER HEATER – If you are only noticing the flakes or specks in your hot water, then the culprit is likely to be your water heater. This unit can become corroded, much like your plumbing pipes. Most homeowners are not aware that a water heater should be drained regularly. If this maintenance is not completed each year, sediment and corrosion will build up and be visible in your hot water. Emptying and cleaning the water heater is the best way to eliminate the issue and prevent corrosion from destroying the water heater holding tank.
  3. BROKEN PARTS- If you have any hoses, flex supply lines or tubing with rubber gaskets in your plumbing system, the dark flecks could be the result of wear and tear from normal use. The soft tubes and hoses will eventually break down and begin to flake into your water supply. Replacing these worn items should eliminate any further issues with flecks of the contaminant in your water.

A Fast And Reliable Solution

If you are not comfortable working on your home’s plumbing system, there is another alternative. A call to (214) 388-8838 is all that you need to do to schedule an appointment with a Flow Plumbing professional. All of our plumbers are licensed and have years of experience evaluating all types of plumbing concerns from leaking pipes to contamination in the water.

We offer appointments in the evening and on the weekend to make it simple for you to schedule around your work and family commitments, and our rates are always fair and competitive. Once we complete the inspection, our plumber will explain the issue and possible solutions to you. He or she will also provide you with estimates for each option. Then the choice is yours. We can correct the problem for you, or you are free to seek another assessment because our free estimates carry no obligation or commitment. Call us today at (214) 388-8838 and know that you will have a solution quickly.

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