Why Are My Drains Clearing So Slowly?

When you first notice a slow clearing drain, it is often more of a nuisance than a real concern. You find that the shower or tub takes more time to clear, but it is really not alarming. And a slow sink drain just takes a little patience, but no other action you tell yourself. But what is truly happening is that your plumbing is giving you a gentle reminder that it is time for some drain maintenance before things get really messy. Understanding a little bit about these subtle messages can save you a great deal of time and money in the future.

A Single Sink That Drains Slowly

If you are finding that one of your sinks is gradually taking longer to fully drain, then you are seeing the beginning of a clog in that particular drain line. If the sink is in the kitchen, the culprit is normally a combination of cooking grease that has created a sticky grime on the inside of the pipe and small food particles that are getting stuck along the pipe. In a bathroom sink, the grime in the pipes is often caused by oil-based beauty and bathing products and the particles that creating the clog are usually bits of hair. 

The solution to both of these issues is a professional drain cleaning. Don’t be tempted to dump a jug of harsh chemical cleaner down the drain, as that is more likely to damage the pipes than correct the issue. Your plumber can clean all of the drains in your home safely using a hydro-jet machine. The process uses only clean water at a high pressure to dissolve the clogs that are forming and also to wash away all of the grimy build up on the pipes. 

Tub And Shower Issues

Tubs and showers are asked to handle a lot of debris when we bathe or when we bathe our furry pets. And all of that hair and fur begins to adhere to the inside of the drain pipes as they get covered in oily residue from bath products. The solution for any slow clearing drain is always the same. A plumber and a professional and safe drain cleaning. 

Air Could Be Your Problem

If you are noticing that all of the drains in your home are clearing more slowly, the issue could actually be with the vent stacks that you see coming up through your roof. These pipes allow air into the drain system to reduce the vacuum so that the water flows out smoothly. Think of it like turning a soda bottle upside down when you pour it. The soda comes out in big glugs and does not flow smoothly like it does when you tip the bottle slightly so that air can enter as the soda flows out. If these pipes are clogged with debris, then your drains will not flow smoothly or quickly. Your plumber can clean out the vent pipes and restore your drains to top condition. 

All Your Drains Are Slow

When all of your drains are slow, the issue is like to be in the main sewer line that runs to the city main. This can be a clog of gunk or even tree roots that have grown into the pipe. Your plumber will be able to insert a tiny camera into the drain line and see exactly what the issue is and where it is located. This technology can save you a huge amount of money over the old fashioned method of digging up all of the pipe until the issue is located. 

Don’t ignore a single drain that is clearing slowly or when all of your drains begin to clear more slowly. This is the time to fix the small issue before it becomes larger and very expensive.