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Why Professional Plumbers DO NOT Recommend Chemical Drain Cleaner

You might think that plumbers do not recommend chemical drain cleaners because it takes money out of their wallet. But that could not be further from the truth. Suggesting that clients dump caustic chemicals down their drains actually would create more business for the thrifty plumber. But no professional ever wants to see a client facing a huge bill that could have been avoided. Several valid reasons guide a reliable and honest plumber when asked about the use of chemical drain cleaners.

Human Safety Is The Priority

If you ever take the time to read all of the warnings and information on an adequately labeled jog of drain cleaner, then the chances are that you could never bring yourself to unscrew the cap. Warnings about not letting the liquid come into contact with your skin, not breathing the fumes, and only using in a well-ventilated area are just a few of the disturbing warning signs. How many windows do they think are in the average bathroom anyway? 

The fact is that drain cleaners are a combination of chemicals that are designed to eat away at the debris clogging your drain pipe. And when the chemical reaction occurs and begins dissolving the clog, heat produced as well as noxious fumes. And those fumes linger in the air long after you have dumped the liquid into your drain. Some manufacturers recommend that you let the chemicals sit for up to 30 minutes before trying to wash them away. So for half an hour or more, these awful fumes are invading your home and potentially damaging your lungs, burning your throat and eyes, and wreaking havoc on your sinuses.

Pipe Safety Is A Close Second

Even if you can overlook any concern for your own physical well-being, you should be worried about protecting your drain pipes. Though the bottle says the liquid will clean your drain pipes, that is not actually what will happen. Unless you would consider using hydrochloric acid to wash your hands. Because that is precisely what is in these cleaners that is trying to dissolve any clog or residue inside your drains. The problem with hydrochloric acid is that it might not stop at dissolving the clog. It can also eat away at the lining of your pipes, the inside of your fixtures, and even the pipe itself. So unless you are ok with destroying your drains with a toxic chemical, do not trust chemical drain cleaners.

Poisoning Landfills Near You

If you are brave enough to open a jug of chemical drain cleaner and dump it down your drain, you are sure to have slapped the lid back on the jug as fast as possible. You hope to reduce the chances of a chemical burn when the liquid drips on you, and to contain the awful stench of the cleaner. But what you are not thinking about doing is carefully rinsing all of the hydrochloric acid out of the bottle that is going into your trash can. And after a brief stay at your dumpster or outdoor trash can, the container makes its way to a final resting place in your local dump or landfill. And after being crushed, dragged, and buried, it begins to distribute the remaining toxic chemicals into the soil.

The other environmental concern related to the toxic mess is washing down your drain and into the city sewer main. You might think that one bottle of chemical cleaner is quickly diluted in the millions of gallons of waste your city deals with each week. But do you really believe that you are the only one trying that “miracle drain cleaner”? All of those chemicals add up and will find their way into the soil and waterways around your home.

It Doesn’t Work, And That Is Not A Lie

While the packaging might make all kinds of lofty promises about clean and fresh smelling drain pipes, that is not true. If these products really worked, then plumbing companies like Flow Plumbing would be out of business. Instead, these products are actually helping to bolster plumbing companies all over the country by eating away at homeowner’s drain lines and creating millions of concealed leaks for us to locate and repair.

The cold hard truth is that chemical drain cleaners don’t work and will not save you the cost of a professional drain cleaning. So if you feel compelled to spend $10 and try to DIY your drain clog, just let the hot water run for a few minutes. Then call (214) 388-8838 to schedule a professional drain cleaning with a Flow Plumbing plumber. And once we have your drains flowing freely, and with no toxic fumes in your home, use the ten bucks to tip your plumber. That will make his day and keep you from damaging your drains with a jug of acid.

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