Your Spring Cleaning Plumbing Checklist

With spring just around the corner, most homeowners are eagerly awaiting a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Plans are being made for lawn and garden projects and exterior home care. But it is also essential to include taking a look at all of your home’s plumbing appliances, fixtures, and piping. Not only is your plumbing system crucial to the function of your home, but a plumbing leak could result in severe and expensive damage to your entire home. But all of those worries and hefty bills can be avoided by following this simple checklist.


There are serval key appliances in your home that make your life easier and more comfortable thanks to plumbing service. The two biggies that most homeowners think of are the dishwasher and the washing machine. You should carefully inspect the water supply lines and discharge lines for both of these appliances. Also, look for any damage to the machines that could result in water leaking from the unit. The other essential water-related appliance is your water heater. Not only do you want to look for leaks in the holding tank, piping, and fittings, but you also need to inspect the shut-off valve and pressure relief valve. If you discover any corrosion, leaks, or issues with these appliances, call (214) 388-8838 to schedule an appointment with a Flow Plumbing licensed plumber.

Pipes And Fixtures

Spring is an excellent time to take a look for any water leaks or drips around your home. These leaks could be in the pipes, fittings, or fixtures in your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, or other utility spaces. Also, look at walls and ceilings for any signs of moisture damage such as bubbled paint, bulging drywall, or discoloration. If you think that you might have a leak, call the leak detection specialists at Flow Plumbing immediately. Even a small leak can create a great deal of damage to your home and also promote the growth of toxic black mold.

Test All Drains

The freeze and thaw of the ground in the wintertime can cause cracks and more severe damage to the sewer line pipes in your yard. And while you might not notice that a drain or two is clearing more slowly, a good test will reveal this problem before it creates a significant catastrophe. Turn on faucets and showers full blast and watch how quickly the drains clear. If any are clearing more slowly than you expect, call (214) 388-8838 to schedule a drain inspection and professional cleaning.

Check Your Sump Pump

If you live in an area where you have a sump pump, be sure to check out its function before heavy spring rains arrive. If it is not functioning correctly, you will have time to have it repaired or replaced before you are worried about your home flooding. A simple way to test a sump pump is to pour a few jugs of water into the sump hole to make sure that the pump turns on and removes the water. If you have any issues with your sump pump, call the pros at Flow Plumbing for assistance.

Check Your Outdoor Water

This final set of items will ensure that you are ready to enjoy the summer in your outdoor space. First, inspect all of your hose bibs and outdoor faucets to make sure that they were not damaged over the winter. If you have an irrigation system, run through a test cycle to make sure that the controller is functioning and that there are no leaks. And finally, if you have a pool or spa, inspect all of the pipes and plumbing for leaks or damage. Having all of these features functioning correctly before the first warm days of summer will help to ensure that your plants and grass look fantastic and that you can enjoy the entire summer in your pool.

Devoting an hour or two to inspecting your home’s plumbing this spring is a great way to avoid unexpected surprises and expenses this summer. And anything that you think might need a little additional TLC can be addressed by a Flow Plumbing licensed plumber in a single visit to your home. Just call (214) 388-8838 and let us know what you found that needs a repair or service. As the premier plumbing company in , we are the only company you will need to call for all of your plumbing concerns.