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5 Reasons to Get Your Water Leaks Fixed Immediately

During the hot, dry summers in Mesquite, TX, the last thing you want to do is waste water. However, having a constant drip from your sink or shower will do just that. Water leaks may seem harmless, but the damage can be costly. The sooner you can take care of any water leaks in your home, the better off you’ll be. Here are five reasons to get your water leaks repaired quickly.

1. They Cause Mold

An undetected water leak can show up as mold on your walls or ceilings. If left to grow, mold can not only have negative effects on your health, but it can also permanently damage your walls and ceilings. As mold grows and spreads, it starts to break down wood and other organic materials in your home. It also releases spores into the air, which can be harmful for those with allergies and respiratory symptoms.

2. They Cause Structural Damage

When you have a water leak behind your walls, in your ceiling, in your floors, or even in the bathroom, the structural damage to your property can be huge. Water damage will cause wood to warp. It will also weaken your drywall, which can then cause your ceiling to collapse. If you don’t catch the leak in time, you’ll need to replace all your drywall and wood. Once the damage is done, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars for renovation costs.

3. They Destroy Cabinets

A water leak coming from your sink will drip down into the cabinet below it, causing a significant amount of warping and damage. Water will not only damage the outer shell of your cabinets, but it will rot the wooden structure, too. If you don’t catch and fix the leak in time, you’ll have to contact a restoration company. Your other option will be to simply replace your entire cabinet.

4. They Waste Water

Besides the obvious structural damage, you’ll be wasting a lot of water if you don’t take care of your water leak immediately. Even a small drip from your tub or kitchen sink can result in gallons of water lost in a year. The best way to see if you have a water leak somewhere in your home is to monitor your water bill. If there seems to a be a sudden spike, there could be a water leak.

5. You May Have Corroded Pipes

A water leak is often a sign of a larger problem, such as corroded pipes. If you don’t call in a plumber as soon as you notice the leak, your corroded pipes could eventually burst. Flooding from a burst pipe is a nightmare that you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

If you think you have a water leak, call our plumbers at Flow Plumbing. Our leak detection services can locate the source of the leak. We can then perform any sewer line repair services, if needed. Let our plumbers help you take care of these structural issues today.

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