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Toilet Repair Dallas Tx

We know that a broken, clogged, or otherwise improperly functioning toilet can cause serious inconvenience in your home or business. That is why we here at Flow Plumbing prioritize calls for toilet repair in Dallas. We know from experience that there are no shortage of ways to damage a toilet. From the flushing of foreign objects, to toilet paper clogs, to failing parts, toilets get so much use that it’s no wonder they seem to break more commonly than other parts of plumbing systems. Rest assured that if you are experiencing a problem with your home or businesses toilet, we can help! For fast and affordable toilet repair in Dallas, Tx give us a call at 214-388-8838!

Common Toilet Problems

Water pooling on the floor around the toilet base:

If you have noticed water pooling or collecting around the base of your toilet it is imperative that you address this problem right away to avoid costly damage to your homes subfloor! Typically you want to begin by checking to ensure that all connections; bolts, ballcock, fill valve, supply tube, wax ring, and coupling nut are secure. If everything appears to be nice and tight but your toilet is still leaking, call out a plumber to fix the problem right away! Don’t let an inexpensive repair balloon into hundreds or even thousands of dollars in flooring damage.

Toilet wont flush:

When dealing with a toilet that won’t flush the first thing to check is the handle, flush lever, and flapper valve. Again you will want to make sure the connections are secure and functioning properly. Common causes of a toilet that won’t flush include an over or under tightened handle, a broken or bent lift arm,  a disconnected lift arm and lift chain in the tank behind the toilet.

Toilet only partially flushes:

The main items to look for in a toilet that only flushes partially are too much slack in the lift chain, no water or low water level in the tank, or a flapper that is improperly installed.

Slow filling toilet:

If you toilet is filling very slowly it is likely that the water supply valve is not open all of the way. Turn the valve to open the water supply and give it a test flush. If it fills normally you have fixed your problem. If not, call a professional to diagnose and repair your toilet.

New Toilet Installation in Dallas Tx

As we mentioned above, the toilet is one of the most used units in your homes plumbing system this is why it comes as no surprise that a toilet will need maintenance or repairs over time. But when is it time to replace the toilet completely? When a toilet begins to show any of the signs listed below, it may be time to consider a complete replacement and a new toilet installation in Dallas. Frequently recurring repairs – If you find yourself repeatedly need to perform repairs of a toilet it may be time to replace the unit completely. Constantly clogging – Old toilets with low flush capacity tend to need multiple flushes to get the job done. If your toilet requires repeated flushing, and clogs up constantly, it is time for a new one. Leaking from base – A toilet that has begun leaking at the base may just need a new seal but chances are, it is failing and needs to be replaced. Leaks from a toilet can damage flooring and lead to costly repairs. It is always a more cost effective option to just have a new toilet installed and avoid water damage repairs. Water conservation effort – Newer, low-flow toilets are great for both your wallet and mother earth alike. Cut down on water consumption by having a low-flow toilet installed and starting saving water today!

When you contact Flow Plumbing for your toilet repair or installation Dallas you can rest assured you’ll get:

If you are in need of toilet repair in Dallas do not settle for less than the best! Call us here at Flow Plumbing today at 214-388-8838 and receive the quality of service that you deserve. From toilet repair to brand new toilet installation in Dallas, we will get your toilet flowing again in no time!

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