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Water Line Repair in Dallas TX

A “main water line” or “main line” as it is commonly called, refers to the water service line that connects a city’s municipal water system to a building or home. In most jurisdictions the line becomes the responsibility of the building or home owner at the curb stop (valve). In other cases  the owner’s responsibility can extend even further. It is not unheard of for the jurisdiction to start at the tap on the city main water line which is commonly located in the street that the property is located on. The main water line serves a vital function supplying a home with a fresh water supply. Given the high importance of the water line, they are constructed and designed to last for a very long time. However, event the most well designed lines are susceptible to damage. The most common culprit of main water line damage is age. Older water lines were originally installed using lead or sometimes galvanized steel pipes. Given enough time these pipes will become damaged by any number of causes. Amongst the most common are slight shifts in the ground referred to as ground movement, tree root intrusions or other obstructions. If you are suffering from a damaged or broken main water line in Dallas and need a reliable plumber to diagnose and repair your exact main line issue, look no further than Flow Plumbing!  We provide fast and affordable main water line repair in Dallas, TX, call us today to schedule a time for us to come out and get your main line back in working order! You can reach us 5 days a week at 214-388-8838!

Main Water Line: Lifespan & Expectations

It is a general rule that a main water line is built to last somewhere between 40-80 years at best. Factors such as ground movement, tree root intrusions, and pipe material are the biggest determining factors in just how long a main line will stay functional.

Some of the most common signs of a broken main line that needs repair is water that puddles up in the front yard of a home. Since water lines run under the ground, under the ground is where is the leak first occurs. It is not until a certain volume of water collects there, that it will begin to become visible at surface level. Another tell-tale sign of a broken, cracked, or ruptured main line is an unusually high water bill!

If you have experienced any signs of a potential water leak or have been contacted by the city because they believe that you may a broken main water line, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will schedule a time for one of our licensed plumbing professionals to come out, give you with an estimate, and provide you with craftsman level main water line repair in Dallas.

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At Flow Plumbing, we the experts when it comes to affordable plumbing repairs in Dallas and it’s surrounding areas. Do not take chances when it comes to your homes main water line! The amount of money that can be lost in high water bills, a deteriorating foundation, and flooding, can far surpass the cost of a properly timed main water line repair. We highly recommend having any main line issues inspected as soon as humanly possible! For fast & affordable  main water line repair in Dallas, TX, Go With The Flow! Call us today at 214-388-8838 to schedule your appointment!

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