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A Word Of Caution About The Toilet Paper Shortage

A Word Of Caution About The Toilet Paper Shortage

Consumers across the country have been racing from store to store in search of toilet paper. This one of a kind shortage is due to the ever-growing list of issues related to the Coronavirus that is keeping everyone glued to the television, computer, or other electronic devices to keep up on the latest news. Unfortunately, even with a constant supply of information, many homeowners have not heard some critical information about using toilet paper substitutes.

Professional Plumbers Have Only Two Words Of Advice

The pros at Flow Plumbing have only two words of advice for homeowners who are using paper towels, napkins, baby wipes, or disinfectant wipes in place of toilet paper. Don’t flush! While these other paper products will get the job done when you are out of TP, they are NOT designed to be flushed into your home’s sewer line. Toilet paper will break down very quickly in water. That is what allows it to flow through your sewer pipe and into the city main without creating a clog or blockage. However, other paper products will not react in the same manner. They tend to form large clumps or wads that block the flow of water and sewage. The result is a nasty mess of raw sewage backed up in your home.

Proper Disposal

The only safe way to dispose of these toilet paper alternatives is in a trash receptacle. Many homeowners are using plastic bags or diaper pails to contain these soiled pieces of paper until they can be taken to an outside trashcan. But under no circumstances is it ok to flush anything but toilet paper.

Oh No- It’s Too Late

If you had been unaware of this critical information and have been flushing other types of paper, you should be getting very nervous right now. It is only a matter of time before you begin to notice issues with your sewer line. Some telltale indications of a sewer line problem include:

  • Toilets that do not flush properly
  • Standing water in showers, tubs, or sinks
  • Slow clearing drains throughout your home

If you have noticed any of these signs of an issue or you have been flushing anything other than TP, you should call (214) 388-8838 immediately. A Flow Plumbing drain cleaning expert will arrive promptly to remove any clogs that are about to create a massive mess in your home. And we are so sure that our process will do the trick that we offer a complete guarantee on all of our drain cleanings.

How A Pro Cleans Drains And Removes Clogs

Because we are sure that our process will remove any clogs in your sewer line, you might be thinking that we use some incredibly strong chemicals. And you could also be worried that your home is going to wreak of chemical fumes for days after we clean your drains. But that could not be further from the truth. Our drain cleaning process uses nothing but pure water. Oh, and that water gets a little help from a massive piece of water jetting equipment.

Our licensed plumbers have years of experience using high-pressure water to blast apart clogs and wash them away. And a bonus to the process is that the water jet also removes any sticky residue inside the pipes. This helps to prevent other clogs from forming and reduces the nasty odor from drains. When you call (214) 388-8838, there is no worry of chemical fumes or chemical damage to your drain pipes.

We Understand Your Concern

During this challenging time, we understand your concern about allowing anyone into your home. And to be very honest, our employees are equally concerned about contamination issues. To protect both our clients and our team, we have issued additional personal safety items and cleaning products to all of our crews. And you will find that each person is practicing social distancing when in your home to protect you and your loved ones from any issues.

Sewer line clogs don’t care about a pandemic, virus, or social distancing. They can happen at any time of the day or night. And that is why at Flow Plumbing, we are here for you 24/7. Just call (214) 388-8838 and know that we will eliminate your clog and stress quickly and cost-effectively.

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