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All You Need To Know About Floor Drain Back Ups And Preventing Them

Most homeowners walk past the floor drains in their homes without really noticing them. Until the day that nasty water and gook are gurgling up out of them. And at that point, the assumption is that this drain that never does anything must have an issue that has become very serious. But beyond that, you have no idea what is causing this mess in your home. However, this problem can quickly be sorted out and eliminated with a single call to (214) 388-8838. A licensed plumber from Flow Plumbing will arrive shortly and get to the cause of this nasty flooding in your home.

Is The Floor Drain Really The Problem?

When you picture the drain pipes in your home, it could be hard to imagine that all of them are connected, just like all of the pipes that carry water throughout your home. And this is important to know because the issue might not be a clog at your floor drain. In many cases, the only reason that your floor drain is flooding is that it is the lowest drain point in your home. And when there is a blockage in your sewer line, the waste, and dirty water back up until they overflow from your lowest floor drain. If you do not have a floor drain, the mess will begin to erupt from the lowest fixture drain in your home, such as a tub or shower.

Clogs Are Not Your Only Concern

Sewer line clogs are a common reason for a floor drain back up, but you will find the same result when there are cracks or other damage to your sewer line. In some ways, these cracks act much like a clog in that the pipe becomes blocked by dirt and tree roots. But unlike a simple foreign object clogging the pipe, a crack or other damage will require additional repairs after the clog is eliminated.

Sewer pipes, just like any pipes, will begin to wear and become more brittle with age. This aging process means that outside forces can more easily damage the pipe. Trees roots can more easily crush it, and sinking soil or erosion can cause it to settle and crack more easily. And when these problems arise, fast action calling (214) 388-8838 is the best way to avoid a mess of dirty water and contaminated waste in your home.

Simple Steps To Avoid A Floor Drain Backup

Even drains need regular maintenance and care to keep them at peak performance. The most essential step that homeowners can follow is scheduling regular professional drain cleanings by calling (214) 388-8838. Our pros use nothing but high-pressure clear water to blast away clogs and the sticky residue that will lead to future clogs.

The second important tip is to pay attention to the signals that your drains are providing to you. When you notice that a sink, tub, or shower drain is clearing more slowly than usual, don’t ignore the issue. And also, don’t think that a jug of harsh chemical drain cleaner is a $10 solution to the problem. The acid used in drain cleaners is more likely to eat through your drain pipe than it is to remove a stubborn clog. Call in the pros from Flow Plumbing for a safe and professional drain cleaning. If we didn’t know that our cleaning process was effective, we would not offer a complete warranty on the service.

Finally, some clogs or sewer pipe damage can be challenging to locate. But the sewer line specialists at Flow Plumbing have the solution. We provide all of our licensed plumbers with tiny camera equipment that is inserted into the sewer line to inspect for leaks and damage. This instrument provides very clear pictures of the inside of the pipe wall and any obstructions so that we can provide you with the most cost-effective solution to any drain issue.

There is never a good time to discover a floor drain backup in your home. The best way to avoid this unpleasant occurrence is with regular care and cleaning of your drain pipes and sewer pipe by the pros at Flow Plumbing. Call (214) 388-8838 to schedule a cleaning or for emergency service is you are experiencing a backup.

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