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Possible Reasons Your Pipes in Mesquite, TX Are Knocking

Knocking pipes can make a lot of noise and become very annoying, but don’t turn up the television and ignore the sound. Think of it as an alarm to let you know there may be a problem with your plumbing. Learn some of the main causes of knocking in your pipes.

Water Hammering

Water hammering, also known as hydraulic shock, refers to the action of your water hitting a valve as it closes before the water escapes. The knocking sound is that of the water striking this surface. It’s much like someone pounding on your door.

Water hammering indicates a faulty valve closing too quickly. Alternatively, it can indicate that you have low water pressure and the water can’t escape fast enough.

When you experience hydraulic shock, you may also experience standing water in your pipes, which can expedite the corrosion process. Corrosion is the natural transformation of metal to rust. It happens more quickly when the material is faced with standing water.

You can install shock arresters to help resolve the problem. You can also fix the broken valve or increase the water pressure. If the lack of water pressure is a result of improper pipe angles, you may need to repair your pipes.

Loose Pipes

The pipes in your wall are necessary to facilitate day to day water operations. While in the wall, the pipes stay in place thanks to fasteners. If the fasteners break or get loose, the pipes will have the freedom to move. Unfortunately, moving pipes can lead to damage.

A professional plumber will need to gain access to the inside of your wall to refasten the loose pipes. Hopefully, the trauma didn’t already cause a plumbing leak. If the pipes in the wall are suspect, it may be a good time to replace them since you have access to them.

Foreign Objects in Your Pipes

Every now and then, an item will fall down a drain and make it past the trap and into your pipes. The item may then move through your pipes slowly, causing noise as it makes its way out to the sewer line.

If a foreign object can make noise in your pipes, it can create a clog in your drain. When you have a drain clog, it can lead to excessive pressure levels in the pipes, causing leaks. You probably can’t remove the item easily. Furthermore, liquid drain cleaners may not be able to dissolve the item. You may need to enlist professional plumbers from Flow Plumbing to remove the item for you.

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