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Toilets go by many names from household to household, such as the loo, the lavatory, the privy, the throne, the latrine, and more! However, the one thing you never want to call your toilet, is broken. Broken toilets are a frustration in more ways than one. They can lead to leaks, and even water damage in your home! If you are having problems with your toilet in Dallas, TX, call the experts at 214-388-8838. Here at Flow Plumbing, we combine expert plumbing skills with dedicated customer service, to provide a plumbing experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Repairs Done Right


Toilets can become damaged many ways, and some of these ways are easier to fix than others. Clogs in the bowl and aging parts in the tank are some of the most common problems, but that’s not all. If you are noticing water on the floor around your toilet, you may have a cracked base. To avoid further damage to your floor, it is wise to have that kind of problem addressed immediately. Issues with flushing typically arise from problems with the parts inside the tank, such as a poorly installed flapper. Whatever the problem is with your toilet, the professional plumbers at Flow Plumbing will be able to help! We have decades of experience in the plumbing industry, as well as in the customer service industry. What sets us apart from other plumbers in this regard is that we are determined to leave your home in better condition than when we found it. We’ll fix your toilet, and leave it spotless when we go. That’s the Flow ‘N Glow promise! We can repair your toilet, or even replace it if it’s just time to upgrade. We can even help you install low flow toilets, which are great for conserving water and saving money at home.

When you contact Flow Plumbing for your toilet repair or installation Dallas you can rest assured you’ll get:

Need Toilet Repair or Installation in the DFW Area?

When you need toilet repairs, don’t settle for less! Call us today at 214-388-8838 and receive the expert service you deserve. We will find the source of your plumbing problems, and provide an effective, affordable solution in the same day. At Flow Plumbing, we are the premier plumbing repair specialists in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, and we can help with all of your plumbing repair needs!

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