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Silent Signs of Water Leaks: What To Do if You Hear Water Running in Your Walls in Garland, TX

Have you ever wondered about what you should do when you hear water running in your walls? It’s easy to overlook a water leak, but this can potentially lead to a much more significant issue. In line with this thought, today, we’re taking a look at some of the silent signs of water leaks you might not have thought of; hopefully, this will allow you to take early action to avoid potential challenges and complications.

Silent Signs of Water Leaks to Be Aware Of

When you have a water leak in your property’s walls, there are several obvious signs that could indicate this; for example, if you notice a large damp patch or inexplicably hear the sound of dripping water. However, there are also many silent signs of water leaks that could potentially give you an “early warning sign” of a problem. Following this thought, the following signs are well worth watching for.

Unusual Water Bills

One of the most prominent signs of a water leak in your home is a change in your water bills. Generally speaking, from month to month, we tend to use roughly consistent amounts of water; as such, if you notice your water bills increase unexpectedly, be sure to watch for other signs as well. This may not necessarily be obvious if you have a slow leak, but it’s definitely a great way to check for a more significant issue.

Low Water Pressure

If you turn your taps on and find that the water pressure doesn’t seem quite what it should be, this could be a key indication of a water leak. This is especially true if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure (especially if the pressure then remains low, going forward). In this case, getting professional support could really help.

Humidity and Mould Growth

Naturally, the level of humidity within a property will often vary with the weather conditions. However, if you have noticed that the air in your home feels more humid than outside, this could indicate there is a water leak somewhere in the property. In addition, this could also contribute to mould growth; needless to say, exposure to mould spores can potentially put you and your loved ones at risk of a range of health conditions, so keeping your property in good condition to avoid this is essential.

Sagging or Bowed Ceilings and Walls

Sagging or bowed ceilings and walls are a major problem, in many cases. However, if this is something you have noticed in your property, identifying the cause is essential. As part of this, one relatively common cause of sagging or bowed ceilings and walls is leaking pipes, causing water to dampen the walls and ceilings of your home.

If you notice this as an issue on your property, taking prompt action is vital; sagging walls and ceilings are a major structural issue and could put you, your family, and any guests in your home at major risk.

Strange Colored Water

Many of the signs of water leaks go unnoticed; however, strangely colored water is a common issue, and one that’s much easier to reconize. Indeed, if your water does not run clear, this likely means that it has become contaminated at some point in time, indicating a crack or break in the pipe that allows contaminants to get into the supply. These can potentially even be dangerous to your health, so this is worth keeping in mind.

This is a valuable sign that there is an issue, but depending on the location of the leak, it may not always be present in the case of a leak. As such, if your water is still running clear, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a leak.

Don’t Leave Your Home to Chance

Unfortunately, water leaks can pose a critical challenge for many homeowners. As such, we strongly recommend keeping today’s key points in mind – and, if you need any further help or support, contacting your local plumbing experts at Flow Plumbing for a fast professional solution and get peace of mind.

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