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The 3 Types of Plumbing

You may not know this, but there are three different types of plumbing. These are potable water, sanitary drainage and stormwater drainage. Each type of plumbing system serves a different purpose. To understand how each of these plumbing systems works, let’s look at them in depth.

1. Potable Water System

A potable water system is designed for people to use running water in homes or commercial buildings. With a potable water system, there are many pipes that are connected to a main water supply. At the main water supply, there is a valve that is used to shut off the water if it becomes necessary. Potable water systems usually have a water meter attached to them to show water usage. There will probably not be a meter if these systems are not connected to municipal water supplies.

2. Sanitary Drainage Systems

A sanitary drainage system is designed to take the wastewater away from homes and commercial buildings. A sanitary drainage system comprises a network of pipes that carry waste. Waste comes from activities such as flushing toilets, doing dishes, washing laundry, bathing and using the sinks. When the waste enters this network of pipes, it is carried to either a sewer or septic system.

3. Stormwater Drainage System

If you are walking down a sidewalk and notice small holes or grates in the pavement, these are storm drains. They are designed to carry rainwater away from houses and buildings to avoid flooding that can lead to property damage. In some areas, rainwater still goes into sanitary drain systems; however, most towns and cities now have separate storm drain systems.

The gutters on buildings also play a critical role in directing stormwater away from properties. If gutters are not in good condition, significant problems can result. Some signs gutters are not functioning properly are:

  • Exterior paint starts to peel away
  • The gutters are cracked or split
  • There is sustained water damage to the property

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in Mesquite, TX. This area gets an average of 40 inches of rain each year. So, it is vital that stormwater drainage systems remain in excellent condition.

If you are contending with problems with any of your plumbing systems, contact Flow Plumbing for help. Our highly trained plumbers can perform drain cleaning, sewer line repair, leak detection and water heater repair among numerous other services. Whatever problems you are having, we promise to rectify them quickly so your plumbing continues operating as normal and your home or commercial building remains free from water damage.

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