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The Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning For Your Home

The drain and sewer pipes in your home are some of the most used yet underappreciated items in the house. Every time you turn on the water, flush the toilet, or do laundry, these pipes carry away the dirty water and waste. And you never need to think about it again. It is whisked out of your house and is no longer a concern.

But then comes that dreaded day when you discover a clogged drain or sewer line. You instantly understand the incredible value and service that these pipes provide. And you start to panic a little bit because you are not sure what to do. Fortunately, the answer is simple. Your job is to call and schedule a professional drain cleaning for your home.

What Is A Professional Drain Cleaning

As you begin to think about all of the sinks, tubs, and toilets in your home, you start to realize how much drain pipe is concealed inside your walls and floors. And because of the nasty material that flows through all of these pipes, it is understandable that they get clogged from time to time. A professional drain cleaning is a process that removes any complete blockages, partial clogs, and the sticky residue that is lining your home’s drain lines.

This cleaning process involves a machine that uses only pure water at a very high pressure to blast away all of the gunk and nastiness inside the drain and sewer lines. This waterjet can clean every inch of the inside of all the pipes. And because the process is so reliable, we offer a complete warranty on all of our drain cleaning jobs. We know that you will not have any further drain issues for months once the residue and clogs are washed away. We guarantee it.

The Potential Damage From A Drain Clog

All of the pipes that connect your sinks, tubs, and showers are called drain lines. And these pipes all carry dirty water and tiny particles of waste called greywater. When a single drain pipe becomes clogged, there is no way for that greywater to flow out of the lines and your home. The only option left is for it to overflow into your home. When you notice one slow to clear drain, there is a very real possibility that it could create a backup of dirty water in your home and cause some severe water damage. Regular professional drain cleaning eliminates these worries and the potential cost of repairing any damage from the overflow.

Did You Know You Own A Sewer Line?

Most homeowners are unaware that their house has a sewer line. It is the single pipe that connects all of your home’s drains and toilets to the city sewer system. And when your sewer line is clogged, the backup issues are much more serious than just a single drain line blockage. When this pipe gets blocked, you could experience a flood of raw sewage and filthy water back into your home.

But the good news is that a professional drain cleaning will remove any blockages that are beginning to form in your sewer line, as well as your drain lines. And again, we know that the process works every time, and we are willing to back that promise up with a complete warranty.

Signs Of A Drain Clog

There are several indications that it is time to call and schedule a professional drain cleaning. When you find a sink, tub, shower drain that is slower to clear, make the call to (214) 388-8838. Other signs include odd gurgling noises coming from your drains or issues when you are flushing your toilet.

What Not To Do

The only safe way to clean your drains is with pure high-pressure water. Never be tempted to dump caustic chemical drain cleaners into your home’s drain pipes. The acid in the cleaner creates enough heat to damage your drains. And in most cases, the clog will not be removed.

Don’t risk a flood of water and sewage in your home. As soon as you think you have a drain or sewer line blockage, call in the pros at Flow Plumbing for a guaranteed clean.

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