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What You Should Know Before Hiring A Plumber

What You Should Know Before Hiring A Plumber

When you are looking for a plumber in , it is most often because you have a plumbing problem that needs some attention quickly. So you are focused on getting someone to take care of the issue for you. But what you need to remember is that not all plumbers are the same. And sadly, not all people who call themselves plumbers are actually licensed plumbers. Many are handymen who are trying to look professional and charge professional rates. But they have no formal training or expertise in the plumbing trade.

The first question to ask any person who claims to be a plumber is if he or she is licensed to work in . A legitimate plumber will not be offended by this question. Instead, he or she will appreciate that you are vigilant and that you recognize the value of a plumbing license. Most will point you to a website with a license number, quote it to you over the phone or point out that it is in their ad. Once you have the number, it is easy to verify its validity thanks to the Internet.

Once you know that the person is a legitimately licensed plumber, you might think that implies that they are also bonded and insured. But again, not everyone does everything that they are supposed to do. So be proactive and ask for the plumber’s particulars on insurance and bonding. This might seem a little crazy when they are only going to flush your water heater. But there is no such thing as too careful when you are talking about the safety and security of your own home.

Once you have established that you are talking to a licensed plumber, you need to verify who will be doing the work at your home. Many companies employ one licensed plumber but have many other technicians who are not licensed. In some cases, the technicians are working with a licensed plumber. But other companies will send out a non-licensed plumber for what they feel are less complicated jobs. Don’t be afraid to state that you want only a licensed plumber and not a technician. Or that at least one person on the crew needs to be a licensed plumber.

Next, make sure that you will be given a complete price quote before any work is done in your home. You should also know that an estimate is not always the same as a price quote. In some states, there is a legally allowable variance between an estimate and the actual invoice. And that can be as much as 10% of the total cost of the job. But a complete cost quote tells you exactly what you will pay once the work is done. There are no surprises, and if anything unforeseen comes up, the plumber needs to make you aware of it immediately and get approval for the cost increase.

If you are happy with all of the answers you have gotten to this point, it is safe to say that this plumber is in the running for your project. So you need to verify the payment structure and types of payments that are accepted. Larger jobs often require a down payment, while smaller jobs are usually invoiced, and payment in full is taken upon completion.

References can be tricky when you are in a hurry to get some emergency plumbing work completed. You can make a few calls. But time becomes a factor when your toilet won’t flush, or your house has no water. But if you can get a few references, it never hurts to check them out. Another excellent resource is to check out the plumber on the BBB website.

Even when you are in a hurry to hire a plumber, be sure to check the qualification for anyone that you are going to welcome into your home to work on your plumbing system. What you think is a small repair or job could become a very costly encounter if you are not working with an experienced and licensed plumber like the pros at Flow Plumbing. Call us today at (214) 388-8838 to learn about what sets us apart from other plumbers in the area.

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