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3 Ways You Could Make A Plumbing Problem Worse

Many homeowners are very predictable when they discover a plumbing problem in their home. They will have one of two widespread reactions. Some will panic and waste a lot of valuable time doing pretty much nothing. They are paralyzed by their choices to call a plumber, such as the pros at Flow Plumbing or try to figure it out on their own. In the end, these folks will pay the price to have the problem professionally repaired. But they will also have to pay to have expensive water damage fixed. The other group sees the issue and then races to begin making a DIY repair. And in many cases, these folks will also end up paying the pros from Flow Plumbing, because they make one of the following three costly mistakes.

Being In Over Your Head

Replacing a worn-out washer, cleaning a faucet, or removing scale from a flow screen are all easy enough for almost any homeowner to take care of successfully. But if you are not knowledgeable about plumbing and plumbing repairs, then don’t grab your tool belt and try to learn on the job. Replacing fixtures, repairing leaks, and new installations require some knowledge and skill. And letting a pro take care of the situation is cheaper than having to call in a pro to fix your damage and then do the job correctly. There is no shame in calling (214) 388-8838 when the plumbing job is beyond your skill level.

Not Turning Off The Water

Turning off the water might sound simple, but not every homeowner even knows where to turn off all of the water to their home. And for those who do know where the valve is, not all remember to drain the water lines before beginning their project. This mistake can easily result in a flood if you are adding a faucet in the basement, but don’t drain the water out of the pipes throughout your home.

In most cases, the do-it-yourself crowd is always in a rush to complete any plumbing job. But having the water off in your home for a few hours is easier to live with than a flood. Before doing any plumbing work in your home, turn off the water, drain the pipes and proceed carefully and cautiously. Once the pipes are drained, handle everything carefully. Tugging and pulling on pipes can result in other damage that you will not discover until you turn the water back on and find a leak. And always remember, there is no shame in calling (214) 388-8838 as soon as you discover that you are in over your head.

The Right Tools For The Job

When you look inside a Flow Plumbing vehicle, you will see a massive array of tools. And without these tools, our pros could not do their jobs. So unless you have access to all of the tools that are necessary to get the job done correctly, don’t start the project. Trying to make do with a few tools or the wrong tools will never end well. You might have the knowledge and skills to make the repair, but without the right tools, you will quickly become frustrated. And when tempers flare, pipes begin to break, and things get messy very quickly.

The result of using the wrong tools can be anything from a tiny leak or drip that you might not discover for months to a flood that ruins drywall, flooring, and personal belongings. And remember, even a small leak or amount of water can result in toxic black mold growth that will damage your home and can also cause serious health issues.

A serious plumbing issue in your home is never a reason to panic. Instead, the best thing that you can do is remain calm and quickly call the professionals at Flow Plumbing. We offer 24/7 service for emergencies and always provide our customers with a full warranty on our work and a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t stress or struggle to make a repair that might not be the quality that your home deserves. Call (214) 388-8838 and know that a licensed plumber will fix the issue correctly and professionally the first time.

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