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An Unexpected Plumbing Issue Thanks To The Coronavirus

An Unexpected Plumbing Issue Thanks To The Coronavirus

By now, no one in the country is not aware of the Coronavirus and the potential that it carries. Concern for the safety and health of ourselves and our loved ones is at an all-time high. And that desire to be prepared has created shortages of a few very essential items, including toilet paper. As we do when presented with a problem, many Americans are searching for new and creative alternatives to TP. And while the substitutes are doing the job initially, they are creating massive issues for both residential and municipal sewer lines.

Paper Is Not All The Same

Until the recent shortage of toilet paper, many consumers never gave much thought to toilet paper. You go to the store and grab it off the shelf and don’t think any more about it. You might feel that one brand is better than another, but they all work in a pinch. And all of them are relatively thin and delicate. But that is by design. All brands of toilet paper are biodegradable, meaning that they disintegrate break down very quickly. This keeps toilet paper from becoming lodged in your home’s sewer line and the city sewer main and creating nasty clogs.

The problem that the country is currently experiencing is due to the paper items that people are using in place of toilet paper, and then flushing. Paper towels, napkins, tissues, baby wipes, and even some so-called flushable wipes are not designed to breakdown like toilet paper. And the result has been a significant increase in the number of clogs in sewer lines across the country. If you are forced to use a TP substitute, as many people have, the key is not to flush it. Place the used paper in the trash to avoid a costly plumbing clog and sewage back up in your home.

A Word About Flushable

Flushable wipes are also not all created equally. Some are genuinely safe for septic and sewer systems. These wipes do not degrade as quickly as toilet paper, but they do eventually break down. And the most important thing that homeowners need to know is that these wipes are labeled as biodegradable. Any wipe that does not have the word biodegradable on the packaging is likely to clog up your sewer line or the city sewer line and create a huge mess.

The Dreaded Clogged Sewer Line

Because the toilet paper shortage has been going on for a few weeks now, it is too late for many homeowners to avoid a sewer line clog. They are already noticing drains clearing more slowly and toilets that are not flushing correctly. And immediate action is needed to prevent a flood of contaminated sewage in your homes. However, don’t take matters into your own hands and try a jug of chemical drain cleaner. These products often do more damage to your sewer and drain pipes that they do good. The only legitimate solution to a tough clog is a professional drain cleaning.

What Only The Pros Can Do

A professional drain cleaning has nothing to do with harsh chemicals, toxic fumes, and the possibility of damage to your sewer lines. The pros only use very high-pressure pure water to remove clogs and nasty residue from the inside of sewer lines and drains. Think of it as power washing the inside surface of all of your home’s drain pipes.

Professional Drain Cleaning Is The Safe Solution

As licensed plumbers, all of the drain cleaning specialists at Flow Plumbing have extensive training in the safe operation of our Hydro-Jet drain cleaning equipment. So you never need to worry about our pros damaging your drain pipes. We have years of experience and thousands of happy customers in the area that have left glowing testimonials on our website and other local contractor service boards.

In addition, we understand that at this troubling time, you are concerned about inviting anyone into your home. And we agree that social distancing is an essential part of controlling the outcome of this pandemic. With that in mind, our team is taking every precaution to protect your health and their own. So don’t let a slow drain turn into a sewage backup in your home. Call  (214) 388-8838, and know that our team will get the job done quickly and safely.

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