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5 Tips To Avoid Toilet Clogs

There are not too many events that get your heart pounding as much as a clogged toilet. You see the water start to rise and feel your blood pressure follow it. All you can picture is contamination and filth all over the bathroom floor. In a panic, you jiggle the toilet handle, hoping for a miracle. But that does nothing to ease your concern or make the toilet flush. And without some fast action, you will be standing in a nasty mess. Hopefully, you know to shut off the water to the toilet, reach into the toilet holding tank, and seat the flapper to stop any more water from entering the toilet bowl. Then you are off to locate a plunger and hope to correct the issue without calling a professional plumber.

Once the crisis is averted, you can feel your heart return to a normal rhythm. But you still need to understand that the best way to handle a clogged toilet is to eliminate the things that are creating the clogs. So we will get to the bottom of the five things that are responsible for most toilet clogs.

The Wad Clog

The famous Wad Clog is just that, a massive wad of toilet paper that cannot be flushed. Sure, TP does dissolve in water. But when you have a lump the size of a softball, it takes time for all that paper to become moist and soft. So unless you waited for several minutes before flushing, that clump of toilet paper is going nowhere fast. But you will be making a mad dash for the plunger. So instead of choking the P-trap drain with a lump of TP, use less paper. Take a small amount. Use it. Flush it. Then get more and repeat the process as needed to avoid that nasty clog of toilet paper.

Not So Flushable Wet Wipes

There is no substitute for toilet paper. There is no wet wipe that will dissolve and not clog your toilet. They clump together and choke the P-trap drain just like a massive handful of TP. So you need to eliminate the use of these not so flushable wet wipes. Or find another way to dispose of them, such as sealed in a baggie and placed in the trash.

A No Hair Zone

Hair is the worst thing that can find its way into a drain. It becomes like a spider web that snags everything creating a nasty clog. Never drop that handful of hair from your hairbrush into the toilet. Take two more steps and put it into the trash. If you don’t, be ready to race for the plunger soon.

Not A Trash Can

Your toilet is only meant to handle TP and human waste. All other bathroom waste needs to go to the trash. Even those tiny bits of dental floss or cotton balls are going to create a messy problem if you try to flush them. You can reach for the trashcan today or run for the plunger in a few days. The choice is yours.

Close The Lid

It might sound crazy, but that toilet lid can save the day. If the top is closed, you will never need to worry about dropping trash, a headband, or a wedding ring into the toilet. These are bad, but what about the things you don’t know were knocked into that open bowl? So close the lid to prevent very unhappy accidents.

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