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Tips From The Pros To Prevent Drain Clogs

A drain clog once in a while is not unexpected, considering all of the things that get washed down sink, tub, and shower drains. However, when you are scrambling to locate the plunger on a regular basis, it can become tiresome and stressful. But by following a few simple tips from our plumbing experts, you can avoid many of the annoying drain clogs that are threatening to flood your home with filthy water.

Deadly Debris In The Kitchen Sink

Most of the homes in Mesquite have a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. And homeowners look at this appliance as a lifesaver. It lets them stuff food waste, veggie peel, eggshells, and other trash down the drain rather than carrying it to the trashcan. But what many are unaware of is that the garbage they are stuffing down the drain could turn into a nasty drain clog. This is because your home’s garbage disposal is only designed to handle the tiny bits of food rinsed off of dishes and cookware. So when you choke it with larger waste, it sends some big chunks down the drain to create your next kitchen sink drain clog. All your home’s food waste needs to head to the trashcan to eliminate these issues.

Grease and oil are the other problems that create many kitchen sink clogs. The grease and oil cling to the drainpipe walls and dry to form a sticky, smelly residue. And when other bits of food get washed down the drain, they quickly get stuck in that oily mess. Dump oil and grease into a jar or can and place it in the trash can to avoid drain clogs and eliminate many nasty odor issues from your drains.

The Bathroom Sink’s Nemesis

Bathroom sinks see a lot of oil from moisturizing soap and the lotion on your hands. But it can be hard to eliminate those essential bath items. So you need to be extra diligent to avoid washing loose hair or beard trimmings down the sink. These strays are sure to get stuck in that moisturizer residue and create a nasty clog. So instead, place a small mesh screen in the sink drain to capture all that lose hair and avoid much frustration and plunging.

Shower And Tub Clog Creators

Tub and shower drains face the same issues as the bathroom sink drain, but on a larger scale. Placing a mesh screen in this drain is also a wise move. But remember that there are many more moisturizing products headed down this drain. So be sure to rinse the drain with very hot water after using a moisturizing body wash or hair conditioner. It will help keep the sticky residue to a minimum.

A monthly DIY cleaning can also help avoid a nasty clog. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the bubbles loosen and remove the residue for about ten minutes, then flush with a pan of boiling water. Dumping a large pot of boiling water down the drain once every few weeks will also help keep the sticky gunk under control.

If you face clogged drains throughout your home, the most reliable resolution is a professional drain cleaning from the pros at Flow Plumbing. Our experts use nothing but a powerful jet of pure water to wash away clogs and scrub every inch of your drain lines to remove all the sticky and rank-smelling residue. So call (214) 388-8838 to schedule your fully warrantied drain cleaning today. It will eliminate all your drain clog worries and the unpleasant odor that has been wafting from your home’s drain lines.

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