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7 Foods That Will Choke Your Disposal And Why

Many homeowners view their garbage disposal as an all-powerful beast that can consume anything. However, that is not the case. But they only discover this vital piece of information after they have damaged or destroyed the garbage disposal and created a nasty clog in their home’s drain lines. To avoid a nasty mess and a costly visit from your favorite local plumber, never let these seven diabolical items find their way into your garbage disposal or down your drains.


You would think anything safe to feed to small children and even babies can’t be hazardous for your disposal or drains. But that would be a big mistake when the substance is oatmeal. Oatmeal is an incredibly sticky substance that will adhere to the inside of your home’s drain pipes and not budge even when you blast it with hot water. And once dried, you would swear it is some kind of organic mortar. The only way to remove a clog of oatmeal is with a professional drain cleaning. But the better solution is to place leftover oatmeal in the trashcan and forget the added expense of a plumber’s service call.

Fats And Oils

When you wash fats and oils down the drain, they are a liquid. But as soon as they cool, they turn into a very gummy residue that sticks to the inside of the pipe. Then each time you wash something down the drain, the oily residue snags it and starts to form a clog. Save an empty can to dispose of grease properly in the trashcan.


Even the metal blades of your garbage disposal are no match for chicken, lamb, or beef bones. Instead, the shards of bone will get jammed in the grinder or shatter the disposal blades. Avoid the hassle and future drain clogs from pieces of bone lodged in your drain pipe. Throw all bones in the trash can.

Pasta And Rice

Starchy foods like pasta and rice tend to expand when they get moist. Even after cooking, rice and pasta will form a sticky clump as they cool. And though they will not damage your garbage disposal, they will clog it and require the assistance of a plumber to get your sink drain flowing again.

Egg Shells

Don’t believe the old wives’ tale of using eggshells to sharpen the blades in a garbage disposal. Instead, the sticky membrane inside the shells wrap around the blades and create a sticky and stinky mess. Throw eggshells in the trash and use a few ice cubes to clean and sharpen the blades of your disposal.

Fibrous Vegetables

While fiber is good for humans, it is not suitable for disposals. Stringy, fibrous veggies like celery and asparagus will get wrapped around the disposal blades and create a huge mess. Again, a better and cheaper choice is the trash can.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are very fine and will rarely get washed out of your disposal. Instead, they settle into the base of the unit and dry into a hard lump. Eventually, they build up and can damage the grinder and clog the drain. And until that happens, they lurk in the disposal, creating a musty, nasty odor.

If you have noticed that your disposal is not getting the job done, it could be due to the foods you have been force-feeding it. And the only reliable solution is a call to (214) 388-8838. A Flow Plumbing licensed plumber will repair your damaged or clogged disposal and professionally clean away any clogs in your home’s drain lines.

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