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Signs You Need To Call A Licensed Plumber

For many homeowners, there is a great sense of satisfaction in sweat equity. Taking the time to make minor repairs and take on some DIY projects is rewarding and even relaxing to try your hand at something new. But other tasks require the attention of a skilled professional. And when you are dealing with things like water and sewage that hold the potential to create a massive amount of damage to your home, it is essential to know when you have reached your skill limit. And in case you are not sure where to draw the line, here are six indications that you need to call in the pros.

  1. Sewage Odor- Any time you smell the not-so-pleasant aroma of sewage, it is essential that you call in the pros immediately. This includes wafting the odor inside your home or out in the yard. The smell of sewage is a good indication of a clog or blockage that could be ready to spew sewage into your home. Fast action can prevent some nasty contamination and water damage to your home or a stinky leak of sewage in your yard.
  2. Gurgles Are Not Good- If your drain is gurgling when the water is running, you could have a serious issue brewing. It is also a sign of trouble when you hear gurgling from a drain when another drain is in use. These are indications something is stopping the water and air from flowing smoothly in your drain system. Skip the DIY drain cleaners and call in a pro because the issue could also be in the vent pipe. 
  3. A Faucet That Constantly Drips- A faucet that is continuously dripping is a substantial waste of water. But it could also be a sign of a more significant plumbing concern. The most common issues are a cracked pipe or an improper fixture installation. But regardless of the cause of the drip, it could quickly turn into much more than just a tiny annoyance. A licensed plumber has the skill to know precisely what is causing the drip and correct it quickly and cost-effectively.
  4. No Water Pressure- Low water pressure in one faucet or showerhead indicates sediment in the fixture. But when your whole house is experiencing low water pressure, the issue is potentially catastrophic. The best case is an issue with your water meter or main shut-off valve that is blocked or partially closed. But the worst case is a massive water leak in or under your home. Fast action is critical to minimize the potential water damage and restore your water pressure.
  5. Slow Draining Sink- A slow clearing sink might seem pretty basic. And a jug of drain cleaner gets it flowing again. But that is likely to be a short-lived success. And repeated use of chemical drain cleaners is likely to damage or destroy the drain pipes in your home. A visit from a professional is the best way to ensure that the cause of the slow drain is discovered and corrected with a safe solution.
  6. A Reoccurring Issue- Any plumbing snafu that you or a handyman fixes but only remains functional for a few days is not an actual repair. And all you are accomplishing is putting off an inevitable flood, leak, or other severe plumbing problem. Call in a professional to correctly and completely repair any nagging issue that keeps reappearing.

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