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A Simple Tip To Save You Thousands Of Dollars

There are many things in our homes that we take for granted. But one of the most underappreciated systems in every home is likely to be the drain lines. Homeowners constantly wash food waste, trash, and hair down the drain and then wonder why drain clogs constantly plague them. And the issue is even further compounded when you decide to take matters into your own hands and try a bottle of chemical drain cleaner to remove the clog. But carefully disposing of one single substance can significantly reduce your chances of a costly clog and flood of dirty water in your home.

Proper Grease And Oil Disposal

Grease and oil should never be washed down the drain. The proper way to dispose of these liquids is in a container that can be placed in the trashcan. Never turn on the hot water and try to wash away the used cooking oil from a pot or pan. Instead, put it in a jar or can. The wipe as much grease and oil out of the pan as possible using a paper towel. If you want to save a paper towel, wait until the grease and oil cool and scrape it out of the cookware with a plastic spatula.

If you use a lot of cooking oil or grease, it is a good idea to keep a larger jar under the sink to collect it. Once the jar is full, place it in the trashcan and begin filling another jar. This simple process could be the difference between no plumbing issues this year and a severe drain clog that creates a flood of dirty water in your home.

Why Proper Grease Disposal Is Essential

Washing grease and oil down the drain is the fastest way to create a nasty clog that could potentially flood your home and cost thousands of dollars to repair. The grease and oil do not wash away like the water that is going down the drain. Instead, it separates from the water and ends up coating the inside of your home’s drain line. And as the grease and oil cool, it becomes tacky and stinky. Soon the residue is trapping all the food, debris, and dirt particles that should be washing right through the drain lines. And when you add in loose hair and bread trimmings, you have the recipe for a severe drain clog.

A Word Of Caution

If you have been dumping grease and oil down the drains in your home, understand that a clog will occur. But do not take matters into your own hands and try a jug of chemical drain cleaner. These products end up doing more harm than good. They use caustic acid to try to remove clogs. But in many cases, all they accomplish is damaging your home’s drain lines.

The Only Real Solution To Oily Residue And Drain Clogs

A professional drain cleaning is the only reliable solution to the nasty residue that causes drain clogs. This cleaning process uses a very high-pressure water jet to blast away the sticky residue and clean every inch of your home’s drain lines. And in the process, it removes all of the clogs that are forming in the pipes.

To completely clean the residue, grease, and oil from your home’s drain line and never worry about another potentially costly flood, call (214) 388-8838. The licensed plumbers from Flow Plumbing will arrive promptly to have your drains clean and odor-free very quickly. And there are never any toxic fumes from this cleaning process or potential damage to your drain lines.

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