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Top 4 Reasons For Sewer Line Clogs

Why do sewer line clogs always occur at the worst time? The answer is simple. There is never a good time for a sewer line clog. No one ever wants to face a flood of dirty water and nasty sewage in their home. You incur a hefty plumbing bill and the cost of cleanup and decontamination of any areas that saw any raw sewage. The much better option is to avoid any sewer line clogs altogether and never need to worry about cleaning up such a nasty mess. But first, you need to understand what causes these catastrophes so that you can prevent them.

What Causes A Sewer Line Clog?

Your home’s sewer line issues could result from something going into your drain and sewer lines from inside your home. Or the problem could be originating outside your home. But either way, there are ways that you can prevent the situations that cause sewer line clogs and result in a horrendous mess in your home.

  1. TOILET ISSUES- The toilets in your home are only meant to handle human waste and toilet paper. Anything else that goes into the toilet is going to create clogs and costly issues in your future. Sure, it is tempting to toss that tissue or piece of dental floss into the toilet and flush it away. But how far away is your trashcan? Take the extra step and avoid tossing things in the toilet that you know will create a clog. The list of non-flushables includes paper towels, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and anything that is not toilet paper.
  2. GARBAGE DISPOSAL- The name of this appliance might make you think that it can handle anything you can cram down the drain. But that is not the case. This device was designed only to grind up the tiny bits of food rinsed off dishes and cookware. And nothing more. It is also not designed to handle grease, oil, and fatty foods. These oils cost the inside of the apparatus and create a sticky residue that traps food waste and creates a foul odor. Scrape leftover food and debris into the trashcan and wipe liquid grease and out out of cookware with a paper towel before rinsing to avoid a multitude of clogs in your sewer line.
  3. INVASIVE TREE ROOTS- You might think that you have no control over where tree roots grow. But that is not entirely true. If you avoid planting trees near your sewer line, there will be no issue. But if you plant trees close to that line, they will eventually grow around the pipe and crush it. Even a tiny crack is enough for a small root to use as an access point. And once inside the sewer line, the roots thrive due to all the water and natural fertilizer from the waste. When planting trees, imagine the size of the canopy when the tree is full-grown. Then picture the roots extending equally as far underground as the branches to determine the safe zone for planting.
  4. PHYSICAL DAMAGE- Any time you are digging close to your home’s sewer line, be careful. Even a reasonably gentle strike from a shovel can crack an old piece of pipe. And once the pipe cracks, raw sewage will begin to leak into your yard. Use caution when installing fence posts, signs, planting, or digging a footer for a new feature or wall.

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