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How To Prevent A Costly Sewage Back-Up

When asked about their biggest plumbing fear, almost every homeowner will quickly respond with the same answer. A sewage back-up seems to be every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Plumbing leaks and other issues are troublesome and can create some stress. But just the thought of the potential contamination of raw sewage in your home is enough to keep you up at night with frantic worry. But fortunately, many of the issues that create sewage back-ups can easily be avoided. But you need to know what these potential problems are and how to avoid them.

Dreaded Tree Root Invasions

We all love the beauty and shade that trees provide. But what you might not know is that these trees also have roots that crave water. And once they locate water, their growth rate becomes exponential. So imagine how quickly a tree’s roots will grow when it has access to all of the water that is running down your drains and the natural fertilizer in human waste.

Over time, sewer pipe can become brittle and crack, or tree roots can simply grow around the pipe and crush it. But regardless of the way the damage occurs, the result is the same. The tree roots grow into the pipe and create a nasty blockage. This is when you begin to discover slow flushing toilets, drains that are clearing more slowly, and then sewage back-ups.

The first step in eliminating the issues related to tree root invasion is to keep all trees away from your sewer line. And the other essential step is regular sewer line inspections from the professionals at Flow Plumbing. Finding and eliminating a small tree root problem can save you a massive amount of frustration and mess in your home from a sewage back-up.


Clogs are the most common cause of sewage issues that result in a back-up into your home. And the cause of most of these clogs is foreign objects that were flushed. And when we say foreign, we mean things that never should have been flushed down a toilet. First and foremost, non-biodegradable paper products like paper towels, tissues, baby wipes, and many adult moist wipes were never meant to see the inside of your sewer line. These products are not made to dissolve in water like traditional toilet paper. Instead, they create massive wads that get caught inside your sewer line and block the flow of dirty water and waste to the city sewer. And if they do make it to the city sewer, the problems don’t end there. These paper products create clogs and blockages at sewage plants across the country.

The second most common cause of a sewer line clog is a tiny object that a child wanted to see disappear. It could be a small toy, stuffed animal, a siblings favorite mitten, or even a bad report card. And again, these items don’t break down in water. Instead, they create a blockage that quickly turns into backed-up sewage in your home.

Finally, grease and oil-based waste from your kitchen should never find its way down a sink drain. All of these somewhat liquids will become sticky residue that clings to the walls of your drain pipes. And as they cool, they become a solid substance that traps other debris. Soon the flow inside the pipe is restricted, and you are facing a nasty mess in a sink or tub drain in your home. Place all solid kitchen waste and greasy material in the trash can to avoid any issues with sewer line clogs in your future.

Worn Out Sewer Piping

Nothing inside or outside your home is going to last forever. And when your sewer line ages, it becomes brittle and prone to cracking, root invasions, and even collapsing. Regular sewer line inspections from the pros at Flow Plumbing are the best way to discover any small issues with your sewer line before your home is invaded by raw sewage. This process will also alert you to aging pipes that should be replaced before you begin to see serious issues and failures.

For sewer line inspection service, repair, or any plumbing concerns, call (214) 388-8838 to schedule an appointment with a licensed Flow Plumbing plumber. We offer 24/7 emergency service for dangerous sewer line back-ups and other plumbing emergencies. And all of our work comes backed by a full warranty and complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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