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Why Is There Sewage In My Bathtub?

Few things are more shocking or annoying than walking into your bathroom to discover the smell of sewage. Your first instinct is to inspect your toilet. But when that provides no answers, you are forced to follow your nose. And sadly, it might lead you to your shower or bathtub, which is quite alarming. But just be thankful that you were not bathing when this severe problem occurred. And understand that the issue is in your sewer line and not your shower or tub.

In The Perfect World

When the drains in your home function correctly, the water from your tub or shower flows down one pipe while the waste from your toilet flows down another. But before any of that waste and dirty water leaves your home, it all converges into one main sewer line. Then that single pipe carries all of the waste from your home to the city sewer system.

When There Is A Problem

However, when there is an issue in the main sewer line, it creates a backup in all of the drain lines in your home. And in most cases, the drain on your tub or shower is the lowest in your home, so that is the one that overflows first. The result is filthy water and sewage backing up into your shower or tub. As soon as you discover this awful surprise, you need to do a few essential things.

Take Precautions

We always recommend that you turn off all of the water in your home as soon as you discover a sewer line issue. This process is the best way to be sure that no one inadvertently turns on the water or flushes a toilet and adds more water or waste to the already backed up sewer line. If you cannot turn off the water, try to make sure that no water is going down any drains until the blockage is removed. This will help to avoid additional water and sewage damage in your home. 

Take Act

Next, grab your phone and call the professionals at Flow Plumbing for an emergency drain cleaning and clog removal. Only a professional drain cleaning will remove all of the small clogs that are forming as well as the complete blockage in your home’s sewer line. And our process uses nothing but a jet of pure water, so you never need to worry about toxic chemical fumes or damage to your drain and sewer pipes. Our staff is here 24/7. When you call (214) 388-8838, you will know that help is on the way immediately.

What Causes Sewer Line Clogs?

Once you know that help is on the way, you might begin to wonder what has caused this blockage in your sewer pipe. And the answer could be any one of a number of items including:

  • Hair that has accumulated inside the pipe and is trapped in the sticky residue that builds up in sewer and drain pipes
  • Food that was rinsed from dishes and cookware that has become trapped inside the pipe and is creating a blockage
  • Grease from cooking, washing dishes, or bath and beauty products that have been washed down the drains in your home
  • Dirt, rocks, or tree roots that have entered your sewer line through a crack or other damage in the pipe
  • Any foreign object that found its way into your toilet but should never have been flushed, such as a sock, toy, or piece of trash
  • Wads of paper from your toilet that were not meant to be used in place of toilet paper

Any of these objects or a combination of many could be the cause of your sewer line clog and sewage backup.

Warning Signs Of A Sewer Line Clog

There are some warning signs that will help you to avoid future incidents of sewage in your shower. Some of the most common symptoms of an impending sewer line blockage include:

  • Slow clearing drains throughout your house
  • A gurgling sound coming from your drains when the water is running
  • Odd sounds or gurgling from toilets when they are flushed
  • Water from a washing machine backing up into tubs, showers, or sinks

All of these are reliable indications that your home’s sewer line is clogged and that a complete blockage will occur very soon if you don’t take action. Call (214) 388-8838 to schedule a professional drain and sewer line cleaning to avoid the mess and contamination of raw sewage backing up into your tubs, showers, and sinks.

At Flow Plumbing, we offer 24/7 emergency service and a complete parts and labor warranty back all of our work. And we never use caustic chemicals that can damage your pipes and the environment. Only high-pressure pure water is used to blast away the blockage and partial clogs that are in your drain and sewer pipes.

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