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The Dangers That Come In A Bottle Of Chemical Drain Cleaner

After you have suffered a flood of dirty water in your home thanks to a drain clog, you become very attentive to the signs of trouble. You notice when a sink drain is taking too long to clear or when the drain is making an odd gurgling sound. But when you see these signs of a clog forming in your home’s drains, it is essential that you fight the urge to buy a bottle of chemical drain cleaner to fix the problem.

How Clogs Form

In most cases, a drain clog is a slow evolution. First, there is a build-up of sticky residue from oil-based products, cooking oil, and greasy pots and pans. That residue lines the inside of your home’s drain pipes and creates the perfect trap for time particles of food, trash, and hairs that also get washed down the drains in your home. And as more and more debris gets lodged in the scum and collected waste, the clog grows.

These are the blockages that develop slowly and cause your sinks to gradually stop draining correctly. You might not find standing water, but the sink is not clearing as quickly as it once did. Unfortunately, many homeowners notice these slow clearing drains and make a mental note to grab some drain cleaner at the store to take care of the problem.

What Is in That Magical Bottle?

If you ever take the time to read a bottle of drain cleaner, you are likely to be both confused and appalled. The list of chemicals sounds like something you would find in a toxic waste dump. And the health and safety warnings let you know that a hazmat suit is the only appropriate attire when using the product. But most people just look at the image of the nice, clean drain and begin to pour the caustic chemical cocktail down their home’s drain. But beware, if these chemicals come into contact with your skin, many health issues can arise from a chemical burn to blindness or even death.

Not Healthy For Drains Either

Because of the caustic chemicals in drain cleaners, there is a significant possibility that they will damage your home’s drain pipes before they clear and clogs. The chemicals are designed to create heat to melt and dislodge clogs. But when they can only come into contact with a small surface area, they are not very effective. And they are also not very smart. So all of that heat can begin to melt your drain lines or create corrosion inside metal lines.

A Safe Solution

The only chemical reaction safe for your home’s drain pipes is the bubbling created when you dump a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow that with a cup of vinegar and let the fizzing begin to eat away at and soften the clog. Wait five minutes and follow with a large pan of boiling water. This will help loosen and wash away the drain clog.

A Professional Solution

If the DIY drain cleaning does not do the trick, it is time to call in the pros. A professional drain cleaning uses nothing but very high-pressure water to blast away clogs and the nasty residue inside drain lines. And this cleaning process is safe for your home’s drain lines, the environment, and household. There are no toxic fumes or dangers that come with the use of harsh chemicals. When you need professional help with a drain clog, call (214) 388-8838. The licensed plumbers at Flow Plumbing will remove the clog and clean your drains safely and affordably.

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