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Plumbing Features That Are Changing The Lives Of Seniors

Home should be your refuge where you feel confident and protected. But as we age, that once safe haven can become a demanding environment filled with challenging and dangerous spaces and features. What could be worse than dreading the thought of going into your own bathroom to take a shower? But when you are afraid of falling or being scalded by hot water, that once pleasant and simple experience is now a dreaded chore. The list of once easy tasks and self-care routines is now fraught with danger, and exhausting activates. The result is often seniors ignoring daily hygiene and creating added health complications. But in many cases, these issues could be avoided with the addition of some senior-friendly plumbing features.

Going Touchless

Touchless plumbing fixtures have been around for several years. And while many homeowners thought they were just a cool addition to the kitchen or bathroom, they can be much more. Any senior citizen who experiences joint pain and has lost hand strength will tell you what a wonder these faucets can be. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and have water to wash your hands, fill a glass, or bathe without hand pain. In addition, these fixtures are ideal for use in the bathroom. Not touching faucet knobs or levers before washing hands helps eliminate a massive amount of bacteria and germs. The latest models even allow you to adjust the flow rate and temperature without any physical contact with the faucet.

A Smarter Toilet

Newer toilets offer many features, from nightlights to self-cleaning functions. But the one item that has proven most helpful to seniors is the bidet or bidet adaptor for a standard toilet. These systems offer an increased level of cleanliness and hygiene that can be challenging for those with reduced mobility. Warmed water, pressure control, and heated drying are all helping to keep seniors independent when going to the bathroom. They are excited to regain that self-sufficiency and lost dignity.

Walk-In Tubs

Everyone has seen the walk-in bathtubs advertised on the late-night infomercials. But most people have never seen one in person or spoken to their plumber about the cost and specifics of installing one. For anyone who has trouble stepping into a bathtub or standing in the shower, these fixtures provide a means to bathe without the help of another person. Older adults greatly appreciate that peace of mind and privacy. And their family members enjoy knowing that the potential for a fall is substantially reduced. One of the most significant mental challenges for many adults is losing their ability to take proper care of themselves. And with a walk-in shower, many find that their daily routine is now very manageable on their own.

Getting A Helping Handrail

Installing something as simple as safety grab bars and handrails in the bathroom can make a significant difference in an older person’s mobility. Walking in potentially wet areas can be unnerving. But when you have a hand on a safety rail, you have more stability and confidence. Safety rails and grab bars at the shower or tub and near the toilet are simple and cost-effective to install. Yet, the benefits they offer are priceless to someone who is unstable and afraid of falling.

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