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Top 5 Sewer Problems Homeowners Should Understand

Most homeowners never give a thought to their home’s sewer pipes until they have a problem. But by that time, it is too late to take preventative measures to eliminate nasty sewage backups or to recognize when a problem is beginning. Once you find sewage backing up into yourhome, or leaking into your yard, a fast call to the pros at Flow Plumbing is your only option. We have team members standing by 24/7, so call (214) 388-8838 as soon as you discover a sewer line issue. But for everyone who has not reached that critical backup point, the following information about common sewer problems will help you avoid filthy sewage backing up into your home.

TREE ROOT INVASIONS- Tree roots seek out moisture and nutrients to keep trees alive. And when a tree root grows into a cracked sewer pipe and finds water and human waste, which is the ultimate natural fertilizer, the roots begin to grow extremely quickly. Soon one small root has grown into a massive network of roots that form a blockage in your sewer pipe. And in the worst cases, the roots actually grow large enough to shatter the pipe. The best way to avoid this serious issue is with regular sewer line inspections and cleaning. When you notice all of your drains clearing slowly, don’t wait, call in the pros immediately to locate and eliminate the problem.


Damaged sewer pipes in yourhome can result in issues with waste drainage from sinks and tubs or even toilets that don’t flush correctly. You might also begin to notice a sewage smell in your home. A call to the pros at Flow Plumbing is the best way to eliminate the issue before your home is severely damaged by dirty water and sewage. The damage is often from the settling of your home or because the pipes are old and worn out. But fast action is the best way to save yourself a hefty repair bill and a lot of stress.


Clogged sewer pipes are one of the most straightforward issues to spot. At the early stage of a sewer pipe clog, you will notice that your toilet is not flushing correctly and that water is not draining properly from your tub or shower. You might also notice a sour or rotten smell coming from your drains. This is the time to act fast and call in the pros at (214) 388-8838. Having your drains professionally cleaned will remove all of the clogs that are forming before you are faced with a complete sewer pipe blockage and a messy sewage backup.


It can be very hard to locate a leaking pipe joint. You might discover some moisture on a wall or ceiling. But in most cases, all you will notice is a slight odor of sewage. The only solution is to locate the leak and repair the leaking connection. And only a licensed plumber is qualified to handle this job cost-effectively and professionally.


If your home is older and has metal sewer and drain pipes, you could find that waste and water have begun to eat through the pipes. Again, you might notice moisture on the walls or ceiling, much like a leaky pipe joint. But in the case of old, corroded pipes, there are often numerous leaks throughout your home. The odor of sewage will be stronger and in more areas of your home than with a single leak at a pipe joint. The only solution to old leaking metal pipes is to have them replaced with more durable and long-lasting plastic piping.

Sewer pipes provide a vital service to yourhome. When there is a problem with them, you are sure to notice a strong sewage smell in your home or yard, depending on where the problem is located. And if the problem is left unrepaired, you will soon discover raw sewage and dirty water backing up in your home. Never take matters into your own hands and try to locate and repair a sewer line issue. Avoid the mess and stress of a sewage backup. Call the pros at Flow Plumbing at the first sign of any of these serious sewer line issues. Our staff of licensed plumbers is here to help you 24/7 so that you never need to worry about cleaning up and decontaminating your home after a nasty sewage backup.

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