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Why Does My Toilet Always Smell Bad?

Nothing is worse than walking into your bathroom and finding a foul odor. At first, you might think that the odor is telling you that it is time to clean your toilet. But even after cleaning it inside and out, you can still smell that nagging odor. You might be tempted to try to cover up the smell with an air freshener, spray, or candle. But you should know that if you have been cleaning and disinfecting your toilet but can’t seem to eliminate the nasty smell of sewage, you might have a serious plumbing problem. Some of the common plumbing problems that will cause your toilet to smell bad are:


If your toilet is flushing correctly, but you just can’t seem to eliminate the awful smell of sewage, the most common problem is related to the vent pipe. This pipe runs from your toilets up through your roof. And it is designed to release the sewer gases from the lines so that the smell does not flow into your home. If the vent pipe becomes clogged, blocked, or damaged, these gases will enter your home and cause the foul smell you are noticing. A licensed plumber is the best person to call if you are unable to inspect the vent pipe yourself.


If your toilet rocks or wobbles, then it is a safe bet that you have either a broken flange or loose toilet bolts. First, check the bolts to make sure that the toilet is adequately secured to the floor. If they are tight, then the flange or wax ring is likely to be the culprit. These two items are needed to create an air and watertight seal between your toilet and the sewer pipe.

If you find that there is a leak between the toilet and sewer line, be sure to carefully inspect the floor for any moisture damage, bacterial, or mold growth. Any damage to the flooring or subfloor must be repaired before the toilet is reinstalled. If you do not remove all of the damaged material before reinstalling the toilet, the odor will remain in your home. And the moisture-damaged flooring can cause further damage or rotting of the flooring. If you are not comfortable making these plumbing repairs call the pros at Flow Plumbing for fast and affordable service from a licensed plumber.


There should be a smooth caulk seal between your toilet base and the floor. This small seal is designed to keep water and urine from running under the toilet and fostering the growth of bacteria and mold. If you find that the seal is damaged, it is best to remove the toilet to clean and disinfect the floor before replacing the caulk. Also, inspect the floor and subfloor for any moisture damage. Make sure that any damage is repaired before reinstalling the toilet. Merely replacing the caulking around the toilet base without thoroughly cleaning the area can result in the odor lingering in your bathroom and even further contamination of the flooring.


If you have determined that the vent pipe, seal, flange and bolts are all in good working order, then the issue is most likely damage to the toilet itself. This is a more serious plumbing problem and should only be examined by a licensed plumber. For fast, professional service, call (214) 388-8838 to schedule a visit from a Flow Plumbing licensed plumber.

When you find that there is a lingering bad odor in your bathroom, a good cleaning is a wise first step to eliminating the problem. But if that does not completely remove the odor, understand that you could be dealing with a serious plumbing issue. And unless you are very comfortable removing a toilet and making plumbing repairs, your best course of action is a call to the licensed plumbers at Flow Plumbing. Our team is here 24/7 to provide fast and affordable plumbing service whenever you need it. And all of our work is backed by our complete parts and labor warranty.

Your home can’t function without a toilet. And you should never need to suffer from a nasty odor in your bathroom. Call the pros at (214) 388-8838 and know that we will find the cause of the problem and have it corrected quickly and professionally.

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