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Why Is My Sink Making A Gurgling Noise?

Most of us pay little or no attention to our sink drains even though we use them multiple times each day. However, when you begin to notice odd gurgling sounds coming from the drain, your level of concern begins to increase very quickly. You ponder what could be causing the noise, what damage it might cause, and how it can be fixed?

Fortunately, the pros from Flow Plumbing, will answer all of these questions for you in simple terms. And once you finish reading their message, you will no longer be worried when you notice gurgling from your drains. You will know precisely how to handle this annoyance before it becomes a significant and expensive problem in your home.

Why Is The Gurgling Only In My Sink?

Sinks see the most wear and tear of any fixture in a home. And the kitchen sink is by far the most overworked and underappreciated one in the house. It must handle food scraps, oil, grease, and other debris that is run through the garbage disposal and then down the kitchen sink drain. And all of that gunk can create some severe blockages and clogs. But before you blame a clog in the making, it is crucial to determine if the sound is coming from only one sink or multiple sinks. The same sound coming from numerous drains is a good indication of a clog in your main sewer line.

What Makes The Gurgling Sound?

There are a few reasons that a sink would be gurgling. The first is that there is a partially clogged drain, and the water is having difficulty flowing down the pipe. The second is that there is an issue with the sinks vent. A sink is vented so that a vacuum is not created when the sink is full of water. If the vent is not installed correctly or has become blocked, you will hear a gurgling sound similar to the sound of a bottle that is turned upside down. The air cannot flow into the bottle as the liquid flows out, so you hear an occasional gurgle as the air stops the flow of liquid for a second.

Fixing The Issue

If your sink has never gurgled before, it is a good bet that there is a clog forming in your sink drain. You can try to remove the clog with a plunger or plumbing snake. Your other option is to call in the professionals from Flow Plumbing. Our drain cleaning experts use only very high-pressure water to remove clogs and wash away all of the sticky, stinky residue inside your drain pipes.

Vent Issues

The vent pipe for your sink runs to the roof of your home. And on occasion, these pipes can become damaged or blocked. The blockage is often a buildup of leaves and debris that must be removed to restore proper airflow. Other times, high wind or a storm can damage the vent pipe. Either way, if you are not keen on climbing up to the roof to investigate, a call to (214) 388-8838 is the simple and safe solution. A Flow Plumbing licensed plumber will examine the vent pipe and determine what is causing the problem. 

Why Call Flow Plumbing?

When you notice that one or more of your sinks is making an odd sound, it can be very alarming. The last thing that you want to do is ignore this early warning sign that you could have a drain pipe clog in the making. But what makes this issue more challenging is that there could be several reasons for this odd noise. However, these kinds of issues are no match for the experts at Flow Plumbing. Our plumbers have years of experience working in the community. They know the most common problems and what causes them.

And to be very honest, when it comes to plumbing service, you get what you pay for. A handyman might be fine for replacing a faucet washer, but that is not the person to trust when it comes to removing a stubborn clog from your drain pipe. At Flow Plumbing, we use the latest tools and technology to quickly and safely fix your issues. And when the work is done, you have the assurance of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and full parts and labor warranty. Just call (214) 388-8838, and know that our team will find the problem and provide you with as many cost-effective solutions as possible.

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