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Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak Under Your Home And The Smart Solution

Leaks happen for many reasons. It could be due to old piping that has worn out, a shift in your home that cracks a pipe, or corrosion, to name a few. But the critical thing to remember whenever you find a leak or think that you have a leak is to seek professional help.  A slab leak is an incredibly elusive issue, simply because you might not even know that it exists.

What Is A Slab Leak?

It is essential to understand that if your home is built on a concrete slab foundation, you need to know what a slab leak is and how to spot one. Without a basement or crawlspace under your slab home, all of the plumbing pipes are running below the concrete slab. Then they are stubbed up through the foundation to access your house. If one of those pipes under the concrete foundation begins to leak, it is called a slab leak. And as you can imagine, these leaks very difficult to detect.

What Are The Odds Of Suffering A Slab Leak?

The most significant factor in experiencing a slab leak is the region in which you live. They are far more common in areas with more frequent earthquakes because the shifting soil places significant pressure on the pipes. Older homes are also more prone to slab leaks because the older plumbing pipes can become brittle and crack more easily than a newer, more durable pipe. And finally, in regions with significant temperature changes, slab leaks are more prevalent. The freeze and thaw of the soil in these areas cause more expansion and contraction of the ground. That translates to more movement of and around the pipes.

Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak

There are many indications of a slab leak. And while some are far more subtle than others, anyone who lives in a home built on a slab foundation should be aware of all of the following clues of a leak.

VISIBLE MOISTURE – If you notice that there is unexplained visible moisture at the edge of your home’s foundation, there is reason for concern. Some leaks are very near the edge of your home’s foundation, and you will be able to see where the soil is moist due to the leak. Don’t ignore this early warning sign. If left unrepaired, the leak could wash out the earth supporting your home’s foundation and compromise the structural integrity of the entire house.

WARM SPOTS ON THE FLOOR – If the pipe that is leaking is running from your hot water tank, the leaking water could create a warm spot on your floor. Carpeted floors could also be noticeably wet and warm. Thin linoleum flooring tends to bubble or heave when there is a hot water leak in the vicinity. And wood flooring could begin to weep water and feel warm to the touch.

A FLOOR DOME – If you notice a dome or heaved are in any flooring, there is a good possibility that the issue is water-related. The water raises a small section of wood, laminate, or tile flooring due to its pressure and capacity.

FOUNDATION HEAVING – The foundation of your home can swell due to a severe slab leak. When this happens, you could notice that a section of the house has been lifted off the foundation. You might also begin to discover cracks in walls and flooring inside the house as a result of the sudden shifting.

WATER BILL INCREASE – A sudden and unexpected increase in your water bill is never a good sign. This usually indicates that there is a water leak somewhere. Even if you do not notice any other signs of a slab leak, it is always a good choice to call in your trusted plumber for a leak detection appointment whenever you have a larger water bill that you cannot explain.

Unrepaired slab leaks cause millions of dollars in water damage each year. But the faster you call (214) 388-8838 and schedule a leak detection appointment with a Flow Plumbing pro, the less chance there is for severe damage to your home and the need for costly repairs.

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