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Are Flushable Wipes Drain-Safe?

Many Mesquite residents have given in to temptation and tried the new flushable wipes that are making news all over town. However, after using these products for a few months, the common questions revolve around the term flushable. Anyone with small children will tell you that many things will flush but should never find their way into a toilet bowl. And sadly, these new flushable moist wipes should be added to that no flush list.

But They Say Flushable!

Unfortunately, there is not as much truth in advertising as you might like. The manufacturer says that these thicker and more durable wipes can be flushed. They even say they are safe for sewer and septic system use. However, they are not the ones who are using a plumbing snake to remove clods of soggy wipes from drain and sewer lines across the state. And they are not the ones who are paying the plumbers who are removing these tough clogs. So flushable they might be. But any plumber will tell you that they are definitely not suitable for your drains.

The Magic Of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper offers the best of both worlds. It is durable and robust enough to do the most demanding job you need to complete. However, it is also a product that disintegrates as soon as it hits the water in the toilet bowl. So you have very few concerns with TP creating a clog as long as it is used in responsible amounts.

What homeowners need to remember is that there is no substitute for toilet paper. Nothing else will break down in water as quickly or completely. So any time you run short on TP and flush a tissue, napkin, paper towel, or flushable wipe, you could be starting a clog.

Are Any Flushable Wipes Ok To Use?

It is up to each person to decide if they are willing to risk a drain clog for the added convenience of a moist wipe. But from a plumber’s perspective, all flushable wipes are pretty much the same. They are thick and strong, which makes them great for cleaning but not for flushing. If you have any concerns that your plumber is correct in this assessment, think about the product for a minute. It arrives at your home pre-moistened. If it were to disintegrate like toilet paper in your drain line, why did it not start to break down in the package?

Help, I Have Been Using These Flushable Wipes For Months!

There is no need to panic if you have been an early adopter of the so-called flushable wipes. However, even if you have not had a clog, take proactive measures. The best way to ensure you do not face a flood of raw sewage in the coming weeks is a professional drain cleaning. This process uses nothing but a jet of pure water to remove clogs and all those clumps of flushable wipes residing in your drains.

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