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Can Regular Drain Cleaning Save You Money?

When you think about all the dirt and grim that flows down your Mesquite home’s drains, it is a wonder that you do not experience more drain clogs and other issues. From the oil and grease that washes down the kitchen sink drain to the shower drains and all that dirt, you demand a lot of these pipes. And we have not even considered what gets flushed in the average household. So thinking about drain cleaning is probably a good investment. If it saves you from cleaning up one flood of sewage or dirty water, you are sure to appreciate its value. But many homeowners want to know how a single drain cleaning can prevent future issues and floods.

How A Professional Drain Cleaning Does The Trick

The secret here is that you need to know what a professional drain cleaning is compared to something you could do yourself. For example, if you get a jug of drain cleaner at the store, it is just a mix of chemicals meant to create heat to loosen a partial drain clog and allow it to be washed away. These liquids are in no way cleaning your drain lines.

However, a professional drain cleaning and clog removal does both of these crucial tasks. First, the high-pressure water jet blasts away any clogs forming in the drain lines and fittings. The pressure is strong enough to ensure that all the debris from the clog is dislodged and washes completely out of your drain lines.

In addition, the vast amount of water and pressure behind it scrubs all of the sticky residue from inside the drain lines. It is this sticky residue that is the culprit when it comes to the formation of new clogs. When drain lines are clean, bits of food waste, dirt, and hair flow through the drain lines and out into the city sewer system. But when the pipes are coated with tacky build-up, it snags all the bits of debris and begins to form a clog. The professional drain line cleaning eliminates the sticky scum that will create new clogs. So this cleaning process actually can have a significant impact on when new clogs will begin to form in your drain lines.

When To Schedule A Professional Drain Cleaning

If you have never had your home’s drains professionally cleaned, there is no time like the present to know that you will eliminate clogs and the potential for new clogs. It is also a smart choice to schedule this service just before the holiday season because drain clogs always seem to happen at the worst time. So have your home’s drains cleaned now, and know that you will be worry-free through the holidays and into the new year.

Call (214) 388-8838 to request an appointment for a professional drain cleaning with the experts at Flow Plumbing. We are so sure that you will be happy with our service that we include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our professional drain cleaning services.

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